When will Cena retire?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zach, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. And who will step up as the next super face of WWE?
  2. He'll probably still be wrestling long after we're all dead :dawg:
    Seriously though, I don't see him retiring ANYTIME soon, maybe when he's like 55 or so.. but even then he'll probably still be around lol. Just look at Hogan.

    Seems like Sheamus and Ryback are next in line to be faces of the WWE, and lets not count out Orton, he's still pretty young.
  3. I can see John Cena being Ric Flair's age and still wrestling.

    Although you're probably right, I can see Alex Riley being the next face of the WWE.
  4. Cena seems like the guy who will always be there in some way. Probably next generations HBK, HHH and Taker.

    I think he'll be the top face until' they have someone that's big enough to top him. How long that is noone knows, but I'm almost certain now that he won't turn until' the next top face has arrived.
  5. cena will never retire. he will be like hogan
  6. I think he'll retire around the age of 42. So in around 7 years or so, I don't see him wrestling much longer after that.
  7. I don't know, but probably after Vince gets his head out of his ass/leaves and there's a top face that can take his place.
  8. March 17, 2024

    Titus O'neil replaces him as the face of the company
  9. Cena will retire when he learns his 6th move. The knowledge will cause his brain to overload and he'll get dementia. The next super face is Sheamus, they're already putting him at the end of the Raw intro if you haven't noticed. It shows what giving Triple H a good BJ can get you
  10. Unless he has a serious injury, he won't be retiring for a long time.
  11. He just got a divorce, like not too long ago. So I can't see him settling down just yet. I think he will retire soon after he has kids. I'm guessing in the next 10 years. I can't see him being wwe's top dog once he has kids. Maybe doing a show or two a month. He seems like he'd be a family man but then again, who knows. I don't know him personally so its hard to say. He loves what he does though.
  12. Around 7-10 years time I reckon. As for his replacement? Who knows.
  13. 1.) Alex Riley will NEVERRRRRRR be the face of WWE.
    2.) Cena will retire when he is Ric Flair's age.
    3.) No one on the current roster will replace John Cena as the face of the company.
  14. Probally around 7 years, as for the next face of the company I can see Sheamus being the face for a while, then him stepping down from his job at hand, and Alex Riley maybe getting a babyface shot.
  15. I'd put Sheamus as the face of the WWE but since Cena will be retiring in, say, 7-10 years, when he goes Sheamus will already be over 40. So maybe Sheamus can be the face, but only for a little while, and before Cena retires. That's why I don't count him as the face too much.
  16. idk but I WISH TOMMOW!
  17. ....

  18. Yeah, didn't express myself correctly. Given the current situation and HHH's workout shedule, I'm considering the possibility of Sheamus being appointed by WWE as the new face of the company. I wouldn't do that if I were in charge, but I can see it as something WWE would do given the current situation. And you shouldn't be complaining, you Sheamus mark.
  19. he'll not retire this soon
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