When will DZ win his next tv match?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Recently he defeated Titus on Smackdown and a while back he beat Miz on Raw. Mostly he doesn't appear on TV, period.

    So for this prediction contest, predict the month, show and opponent for DZ to pick up his next televised win.

    winner gets all of the forum cash I have at the time, which probably won't be much.

    I am going to say he beats Damian Sandow on Smackdown in May.
  2. Next Raw. Calling it.
  3. You fail. Outside of the obvious fact that he won't win on Raw tomorrow, you didn't name an opponent.
  4. On his debut on TNA Impact Wrestling.

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  5. I'm going to say he beats Kofi Kingston in March on Main Event.
  6. Beats Billy Gun at Raw's 25th Anniversary, the month will be a September
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  7. I wish, but I still think once his contract expires he is taking time off from wrestling to pursue other shit, namely stand up comedy, which he loves doing.
  8. We can hope.

  9. what a shitty thread smh
  10. He beats someone in march. I'll go with that lil midget bull. They are about the same size.
  11. NO. Think he will get a rematch against Batista and get squashed again unfortunately.

    Wednesday March 12th on WWE Main event , scores a roll up victory over Curtis Axel, calling that!
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  12. I care so deeply about what a shitty poster thinks about my threads
  13. Ziggler is massive compared to your idol :pity1:
  14. He beats Kofi Kingston on Raw in April.
  15. So many great feuds for Ziggler in TNA. Roode, Aries, Angle... hnng
  16. Somewhere in March on Main Event against Axel/Ryback
  17. haha fuck you, Mr anti-iwc. I could predict everyone of your posts
  18. I'm not anti-IWC, mostly just anti Punk and anti DB fans if I were to be honest.
  19. a whopping 2 inches and 3 pounds.
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  20. Better not be over Sandow :emoji_slight_smile:
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