When will Roode drop title? Who will take it?

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  1. Simple really, when is Bobby going to drop the title and who do you think will & should take it.
  2. Hopefully James Storm at BFG. It would end the storyline excellently.
  3. Do you think that's what will happen? I wouldn't want Hardy to get it personally.
  4. It probably will be Jeff in some rushed scenario. Well either him Sting or Angle but they seem to want younger talent in the main event now.
  5. Let's hope so. Though I'm not the biggest fan of Storm, I'd still prefer them to keep investing in the younger talents.
  6. Hopefully he gets a long run.
    But I'll have to say Mr. Anderson or Jeff Hardy.
  7. Wouldn't mind if Anderson gets it, his promos entertain me.
  8. I'd go with Storm at Slammiversary. The blowoff for the Roode/Storm feud needs to happen at BFG - Ladder or Cage match. My two cents.
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  9. Agreed! Think I've agreed with every post you've made so far lmao, welcome to the site :blush:.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed Roode's reign though, will be a shame to see it end.
  10. ladder cage match haha
  11. Sadly this.

    I wouldn't mind Hardy eventually getting another title run, but he should be built up to it. I am happy for him to be doing well both personally and professionally though after his troubled past. Hope hec an keep it up

    I agree with most ITT who say he should drop it to Storm a ways down the line. Roode is doing an excellent job as Champion and should get a long run
  12. Late reply to this but I agree, TNA giving Hardy another title run will make me lose hope on the ground I thought they've made. Hardy has done well yes, but really? Bit of a kick in the teeth to the other competitors, Hardy turns up off his head to a PPV, comes back after suspension and gets a title reign? Joe & Styles could easily of taken his place.

  13. I say Austin Aries should try something with Roode. Would be quite interesting actually.
  14. How did I forget him? He's my favourite on TNA atm.
  15. I'd love A double to win but I can't see him holding a major world title for some reason. He fit in ROH's scene but I can't see it in modern TNA tbh.
  16. Austin Aries vs. Daniel Bryan or CM Punk would be a booker's dream come true.
  17. Both have happened multiple times and were epic.

    Punk vs Aries :
    Aries vs Danielson.
  18. @[seabs] I think owns the wrestling part of YouTube & DailyMotion btw.
  19. It's true @[Crayo] .

    PS change your name to Craybro. It would be awesome.
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