When Will Sami Zayn Be Called Up?

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  1. Sami Zayn formally El Generico has been very impressive so far in his short WWE career, He has had great matches with Cesaro and is decent on the mic, He has a ton of charisma and has a good look which leads me to believe when do you guys think he will be called up?

    Antonio Cesaro was called up after only less than 6 months but someone like Dean Ambrose or Kassius Ohno were expected to be called up soon but spent a lot longer, What do you think?
  2. Zayn will spend at least 6 months in NXT (Cesaro spent 8 months in development btw, not less than 6). Everyone seems to spend at least 6 months in development since Triple H took over. Which is smart. Rather than rushing someone up they bring someone up when they have a plan for him. Zayn just needs to keep putting in the work and he will be up by the end of the year.
  3. Shit, Read the wrong thing, Yeah he was there for 8 months.
  4. Other than what Dust just said, don't see a reason to hold him back. Maybe they want to work on his character, but everything else about him is great.
  5. Suppose they'll just stick him there for a while for seasoning/coming up with a gimmick/storyline for him to be brought up, so a few more months. It isn't a bad thing at all though.
  6. Would be frantic if Heyman picked Zayn as his new client, maybe a couple of more months before he's ready.
  7. Wait what? We was el generico? Said no wrestling fan ever!
  8. Either the roster is just way too big for them to fit Zayn in without the Shield syndrome (being horribly booked and getting matches for PPVs last minute now) or they just want for him to impress in NXT while they think of a nice storyline for him. Either way, he's fantastic (I never saw him as El Generico) and having seen his recent work, he's definitely good enough. After all, Tons of Fuck are on the roster.
  9. Shield were booked so well until they won the titles.
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  10. The mid-card belts are powerful and cunning. Very few have a will strong enough to resist the temptation to suck once you win one. Even the mighty Shield have succumbed to their curses... A shame, really...
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  11. I don't see him being called up so early,he just debuted like six episodes ago. Even though he's a great talent he'll be in developmental for quite a while imo which is good because it gives creative time to give him a decent debut storyline.
  12. Zayn is probably gonna be the guy to dethrone (No more) Bo anyways. So its not like he won't have anything to do whilst down in NXT.
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  13. The only things I see that are holding him back is creative waiting for the right program to come up for him and the need for character development. He's definitely ready as far as in-ring and mic work goes, but I'm sure they don't want to waste such a great talent like him by calling him up when they aren't ready for him.
  14. Xmas. If not, after WM with Neville
  15. Neville imo will be called up November.
  16. For a TLC spot? Makes sense
  17. Zayn would be my first pick as well. Ohno would be first, but the hell knows what's up with that guy lately. And even though I mark my vagina off for Neville, he still has pretty horrible mic segments, imo, and should be there at least just little while longer. I'm actually wanting Enzo Amore to be brought up too. I don't know what it is about the guy, but he just entertains me so much. His mic skills are godly. :dawg: Plus, his SAWFT chants are almost as loud as Wyatt Family's use to be and that's saying something. Wondering if Colin Cassidy will be brought up with Amore. :hmm:
  18. Zayn as Heyman's next client? Ole! Ole! Ole! Olllleeeee.....Oleeeeeeeeeeeee......OOOOOLeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. Zayn as Heyman's next client? Ole! Ole! Ole! Olllleeeee.....Oleeeeeeeeeeeee......OOOOOLeeeeeeeeeeee
  20. Thought I would bump due to new info.

    So Zayn has already worked live events and seems to be a rep for WWE in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Thoughts now on when he will be called up?
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