when will santino become wwe/world champ

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. santino gets biggest pops out of any non-wwe/ex-wwe champion. how long do u think itll take for him to become a champion of higher tier than united/intercontinental.
  2. It will never happen thankfully.
  3. Hopefully he never does bar after a major gimmick change.

    Longnecks and rednecks.
  4. The only reason Santino got/gets massive pops is because he was seen as the underdog, if he was the WWE/World champ then he wouldn't get half the pops he does/did.

    No, even though I think he is quite talented, he will never become WWE/World champ.
  5. Maybe he will win it sometime, and lose it when someone cashes in his Money In The Bank 5 secs later.
  6. He won't but he can definitely help revamp the mid card.
  7. Alex Borosiv (sp) would, Santino wouldn't.
  8. Maybe if he believes it with all his heart, he will
  9. Never but the guy can help revamp a very stale midcard atm and give it some meaning as pops for him are huge and we need that sort of interest in a midcard to keep the casual wrestling fan entertained more.
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