When will sin cara return?

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  1. when and when he does return how big of a push will he get? World title push? hes very exciting to watch and the people love him. if not for his injury he'd probably have been wchampion instead of d bryan.
  2. He wouldn't be champ instead of Bryan, injured or not. No way. But I believe he'll return feuding with Cody Rhodes for the IC Title.
  3. I don't think it's any time soon. He had a very serious injury in November. I'd love to see him return to feud with Cody.
  4. The injury is usually a 6 - 9 month recovery time I reckon so it could be soon, depending on his rate of recovery.
  5. Why not? He's probably the most exciting product WWE has right now. If WWE added some stuff to him like giving him a proper finisher like the 619/AA/Pedigree he could be main event status. He's a lot more exciting to watch than Daniel Bryan and a lot more easy to get over. He's more easily over than Rey cuz he's smaller and faster than him.

    At first he'd probably feud with Cody a little bit, but in a year or so if WWE can manage to do it, they could have Cody and Sin main event. Thanks to to Sin of course, because obviously Big Show won't be taking Cody to the main event any time soon. Sin Cara can also draw better than a lot of others too because of how exciting it is to watch him wrestle. Sin Cara could wrestle a broom and make it an exciting match. He's one of the few contenders that WWE would maybe let beat Shaemus. Cuz obviously they're not gonna let ADR or D Bryan beat him any time soon.
  6. Cara can't speak English for one, it would take him a few years to be able to express himself in the way needed to carry a show.
  7. Or he could not talk much. It would make him more of the enigma that he seems to be with his entrance and lighting.
  8. You can't have a world champion who doesn't at least have a mouth piece, it doesn't work. They seem to hate the concept of managers currently outside of Abe and Tensai's guy who doesn't speak for him. Abe's a heel so that doesn't work as is Tensai's guy, the only logical choice is Rey, who despite being horrible on the stick can use his overness.
  9. Sin Cara is bigger and burlier then Rey. Rey is almost as small as Hornswoggle. Bryan is the most over guy in wrestling at the moment if you remove Cena and The Rock. No way Cara could pull ratings the way Bryan did during his WHC reign (Smackdown had a major increase in ratings during the time Bryan held the belt and most viewers whenever he was on screen.)
  10. I particularly love watching Bryan, Cara works in a faster pace than him, of course, he's a high flyer. But due to him not being completely trustable in the ring (botched way too much, may have improved, I don't know) and not speaking english he can't really be a world champion.
  11. Ratings were up during Bryan's reign? I figured the opposite because of how boring SD felt w/o Cara/Rey/Undertaker.
  12. Over the past 3 weeks they've done two 1.5s and a 1.8 before they did a 2.1, 2.0,1.9,1.8 and a 1.7 Source So ratings have dropped on average.
  13. Bryan cater too both Smarks and casuals. Smarks get to see great wrestling performed by possibly the best technical wrestler in the world and Bryan is so good ad playing heel that casuals tuned in to see if someone would get the better of him.

    Cara would never accomplish that.
  14. Yeah, Cara would never accomplish that but he's still exciting to watch. When casuals are flipping the channel and they see Cara they would be like "Holy shit this is exciting." They have different talents.
  15. Bryan can easily pull of the stuff Cara does or at least similar. He is trained in japanese Lucha libre as well as some mexican. He has wrestled all over the world. Put Cara and Bryan in a lengthy match and Cara doesn't botch like scott hall on drugs and it could be a possible MOTY
  16. Bryan can't come close to Cara at Lucha IMO, even with the shackles off. Cara has a magical fluidity very few in history can match, he seems as though he's liquid a lot of the time. I've seen a fair few bits of CMLL and AAA through the years and no one has seemed as smooth as Cara.

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  17. Oh yes definitely. But Bryan could still pull of a lucha match even if not anywhere near Caras level.
  18. I'm supposed to know what that means?:ace:
  19. Match of the year.
  20. Re: RE: When will sin cara return?

    That would be a great match, seeing Cara show his ground game would be great IMO.

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