When will the Blackhawks lose in regulation?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. I'm sure only one person will respond to this, but I don't care. This is the craziest run I've seen in a long time. They're running away with first place a month in. @geekgoddess you must be so happy.
  2. Yes they seem to be on the right track..My Flames are in the opposite direction though
  3. My Leafs are doing better than expected so far. Here's hoping Carlyle keeps them on the right track.
  4. Yes, I am so incredibly proud of them. They look practically unstoppable at times on offense. Overall they're playing like a great cohesive unit. I was concerned at the start of the season with our goaltending but so far Emery and Crawford have done a great job and have played consistently against the puck.

    It's just so nice to see them making history in a good way! With our win yesterday we're the second team in history (since the 2004-05 Anaheim Ducks I believe) to start a 19 game season without a regulation loss. It's a very impressive feat especially since they hadn't played together in a while due to the lockout. I couldn't be happier! :yes:
  5. yes, but eventually they will remember that they are the Maple Leafs and go back to Sucking
  6. Quiet you :Willis:
  7. They are the LEAFS... we have all seen this song and dance before
  8. Come on dude, if I don't have hope, I have nothing. I can dream, I was around in 92-93 and 99-02 we can get back there.
  9. im a flames fan.. hope is all we have
  10. I'm really impressed, Blackhawks plays the kind of hockey Kings played in the play off last year, it's really impressive!

    Blackhawks vs Pittsburgh in the Stanley Cup-final?
  11. If things continue this way, I can't argue that. Although I still think the Rangers are the team to beat in the East, despite their slow start.

  12. Yeah Rangers have, in my mind, the most complete roster in the NHL, they and Blackhawks. I mean Rangers have Lundqvist (best keeper), Rick Nash (one of the best power forwards), Gaborik (one of the greatest snipers) and Brad Richards (an awesome playmaker). They should do better than what they've done so far, but if they make the playoffs, they will be dangerous!
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