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  1. get the world title push that he deserves? He went from main eventing Wrestlemania last year, and beating WWE"s poster boy, for the WWE TITLE, to barely making the show and just recently becoming Intercontinental champion. I don't think that the WWE Creative em is using him correctly. He has top three mic skills in the WWE currently and isn't bad at all in the ring (he just needs a new finisher but that can easily be created). We know he can compete with the top dogs because he has done it in the past. Due to his age (for those who don't know, the Miz is 31 years old, seems weird, right?), he would need a world title push soon, or else he might not become considered a top tier Superstar for WWE.

    Knowing WWE Creative, they will just waste his talents and continue to give him five to 10 minutes every RAW (even though it's a three hour show), and let him beat a couple midcarders here and there... etc. It suckes to see superstars like the Miz and Kofi Kingston (both who I believe could lead the WWE in the future if given the chance) go to waste. Well, what does everyone here think?
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  2. He'll get his chance, I'm sure.
  3. I hope they push him soon. there just aren't any WHC or WWE title opportunities at the moment.

    I also expect him to lose at summerslam :((
  4. Eventually, no space now unfortunately :emoji_slight_frown:.
  5. The main event scene is pretty packed at the moment. What we are seeing if you ask me is the creation of a new upper mid card that allows the main eventers not locked in championship or true main event feuds a place to work on TV. Still somewhat high profile feuds just below the WWE and WHC feuds and whatever big storyline is currently running.
  6. I think maybe they should move Miz to Smackdown so he can feud with Sheamus, that'd be pretty nice.
  7. Has great potential but it'd just result in Miz being buried.
  8. The only people to come out looking good from feuding with Sheamus are Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry.
  9. True but Miz is already built up well, he couldn't be impacted by a feud with Sheamus that negatively.
  10. Miz has a lot of ground to recover. He was basically buried past hell before leaving to film the Marine 3. He is far from main event status at the moment sadly.

    He would come out of a feud with Sheamus looking like a complete jobber.
  11. Soon hopefully!

    #Team Optimism
  12. Hopefully never.
  13. Why, Is he too mainstream for a world title push?
  14. I don't understand why people want to add him to a really packed ME where he won't be able to do that much because of Cena, Punk and Bryan when he could shine in the midcard and have a really good IC reign. He did wonders for the US Title last time around, hopefully he can do the same here.
  15. This. The main event scene is so packed we are seeing the creation of a new upper mid card with the rest of these people.
  16. That's why I believe he'll get his push in the future, not now. I'm happy with how he's being used currently, getting the IC title more prestige.
  17. not if he loses it tonight
  18. He's not losing it tonight.
  19. Yeah I really can't see Miz losing it so early into his reign and how new this feud with Rey is. I'd love to see Miz cheat to win -- Roode style -- and make the feud personal with Rey.
  20. Rey will win the IC title at NOC?
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