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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Who was the first person to make you laugh (literally, out loud)?
  2. If Anon counts, Anon. If not, Seabs.
  3. Xanth because he'z fat.
  4. ironically enough, for me it was Punk. lol
  5. Crayo because I knew him from MF and I knew his humour.


    Don't believe I've told this here before. When I joined the site it was from a mass email from MF, I thought sure why not. *I just happened to check my junk folder btw, was so strange*
    I came on and saw Crayo and Sky- - and I knew that I knew both of those names before. So I added Craydogg on Skype (we weren't BFFs on MF, just knew him and from HF) and he added me into a group call with Sky-

    I checked his skype name and I'm like... "I'm sure I know you from HF... is your name "XX" Sky? Yup.. Did you used to help run a webhosting company on HF? "Maybe..."

    At this point I just marked out, I knew it was Crayo and Sky from MF/HF and then we talked for a good few hours about wresling.

    *in joke*
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  6. Marked so hard for the harddrivestory mention. I was such a dick on HF as well :lol1:.
  7. You were a giant :troll:

    You admitted you'd :fap: over a Cheryl Cole image also :lol1::haha:

    Sorry, below the belt :sad:
  8. I have no idea, but it was probably anyone in the first LD I attended, it was a TNA one. So probably anyone from GrammerNazi, Rains, Hoho, etc.
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  9. I also said I was addicted to bestiality and pictured some people in real life as Elephants. I said a lot of shit dude, lol.
  10. I don't remember the elephants one, I think I remember the beastiality bit :lol1:

    That's :true: - 99% of what you said was just bait :haha:
  11. Also can someone please fix the title. This is a forum, not a froum.
  12. Probably Testify.
  13. Elephants or Giraffes, one of them. It was in the sexual innuendo section. I'm surprised Solidus never warned me to be honest. Maybe he foresaw the future :emoji_slight_smile:.
  14. Said no one, ever :shock:

    Tut tut Solidus!
  15. I have no idea what this means.

    He's very funny.
  16. None of you smoke weed.
  17. If you say so *giggles*
  18. a year and a half in and I'm still waiting for someone to make me lol
  19. TLDR: I was a troll on HF who made threads in the Lounge (and sometimes out of it) who was repeatedly banned, but I don't think you ever warned me during your Admin reign.
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  20. shup. Made you lol in Skype before :okay:

    Admittedly it was a wrestling-related joke. You God damn mark.
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