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  1. What was your initial first thought about the forum/members?
  2. I thought Dolph's was an asshole at first glance. He was the only one that had a really big first impression on me.
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  3. I thought D'Z was a huge ass-hole, only really big thing except I thought Crayo was awesome (Still do) and I thought the site was good and wished we ended up merging :ksi:
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  4. I thought that, "Damn! Is this layout crap or what?"
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  6. I got a big welcome, immediately began to love everyone. Forgot about MP, participated in my first LD and was hooked since.
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  7. Well for me... Crayo was helpful, Jonerthin was a dick, CM Punk likes my toes and deth made me giggle lots.
    I still think Cray is helpful, Jonerthin is cool when he isn't on his rag, Punk likes everyone's toes and deth is still on my top 5.
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  8. I said no such thing.
  9. Crayo was awesome
    Dolph's was a bitch
    Aids was my big bro
    GrammarNazi was my sis
    Xanth was fat
    Farooq was my best friend
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  10. :hmm:

  11. I thought the layout of the forum sucked. I joined Feb 2012 so there wasn't a whole lot of members at the time and I didn't have any kind of impression of them yet.
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    I liked it,I got a nice welcoming and recieved a couple of alerts every minute or so. I didn't really talk to anyone else besides Crayo,Aids,and, Farooq when I first joined though. Oddly I became inactive for a couple of months..I decided to come back,now, WWEF is the main forum I use and instead of only talking to a select few members I try to interact with everyone cause ya'll are cool.
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  13. I am sure Cray was very impressed :ksi:
  14. I actually wanted to put, and Britanica got me here but that story has been told a million times. I'll never forget how good lookin' ya are though :henry:
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  15. Well, I lurked quite a bit before joining (always do) so I'll be going off my initial impressions of the forums and members from when I lurked rather than post-registering. Anyway, clearly it was positive, seemed like the type of wrestling forum I loved that I've missed for quite some time. The smaller community forum with intelligent discussion and hilarious posts. As for my thoughts on the members, well you can probably gather I thought they were either intelligent or funny (or both) but if you need me to get more specific, my impressions on everyone from when I first signed up/lurked are the same as my impressions on them now. I signed up late September and there was quite a few members on there at the time and listing them all would take forever (plus, it's pretty much all positive anyway so who cares, and I always feel awkward complementing people, can't do that too much in a row). Since it was the first thing brought up, I will at least say I never thought Dolph's was an asshole.
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  16. Dolph's was an asshole
    Aids was an asshole
    Xanth was an asshole
    Zach was an asshole
    Brit was my sis
    Hannah was creepy
    Neil was a creep
    Farooq was my main bro(ny)
    Deth was funny fucker
    Jose was funny
    leojay was weird
    Jonathan was cool
    CM Punk was cool as fuck
    Crayo was hot
    Danielson was hot

    erm, I think that's everyone from about a year ago, I don't think I left anyone out
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  17. Well hum diddly ho, someone forgot me too.
  18. I was a bit iffy on the site. Turns out it's great! :emoji_grin:
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  19. Everyone smelled
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