When You First Joined..........

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Star Lord, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Who was it you first latched to and became friends with? For me it was Rhodes
  2. Crayo and Seabs were probs the first two as there werent many around lol.
  3. Crayo, Hoss or Sebe, can't really remember which one.
  4. JwabTV because we're luvers <3
  5. me
  6. Broz4lyfe

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  7. Dolphs. Seabs didnt love me back.
  8. Brit, Danny
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  9. someone has to look out for you.
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  10. Actually did it, wow, that felt so awesome.
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  11. I felt a part of you inside me. :ksi:
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  12. Bullshit. You've been a dat kid fanboy since you got here you little shit
  13. First person was Fooq obviously
  14. Please dont beat me today! The rape last week was enough!
  15. Everything in the last month has been consensual and you know it :pity1:
  16. You lying bastard! Reporting you to the NJ police! :please:
  17. lol they don't do shit
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