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  1. I can't help but wonder why Daniel Bryan hasn't been WWE champion yet. He is still one of the most over stars in WWE when being booked as a comedic jobber (in singles matches). Furthermore, the guy made his chant mainstream relevant which Vince has a hard on for. The size can not be the issue as Punk was champion, and Dolph isn't exactly much bigger. Why wouldn't they go for D-Bry? Will they ever?

    HHH's philosophy was said to be that if you get over with the crowd, you're more or less set for a push, but this obviously isn't the case. Is there a face more over than D-Bry?
  2. I'd rather D'Z' win it. He's more talented imo. Bryan'll definitely win the title next year though. No worries.

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  3. There have been other guys in the way, Punk and his streak, Rock and Cena probably a Ryback reign to fit in too. He'll get it in time just others are in the way currently.
  4. Unsure if Vince will ever reward him the belt. I guess only time can tell, but I don't see why he shouldn't. I think if anybody in the current roster deserves it it's DB. He is great in the ring, can pull almost anybody to a good match, has a decent character, and is good on the mic. He's also over as you said, and while I do see why he hasn't since Punk had his streak reign and Cena/Rock happened, I think DB deserves to take the belt off of Cena.
  5. I think they're just saving him for later. Either that or he'll never get it because Vince dislikes indy wrestlers/small wrestlers/the ones he doesn't want to push at first but they get over with stupid stuff using their own talent
  6. I feel if they do choose for him to ever be WWE Champion, they'll wait for a later year. With Cena as champ and possible rumors about Lesnar. Where does D-Bry fit in?
  7. I think they've been too preoccupied with the Bryan/Kane angle. Another example of lazy booking. They stumbled upon a comedy tagteam which people responded to, so rather than risk breaking them up too early, they decided to milk it till it's dry - while ignoring Bryan's far greater potential as a singles wrestler. If it wasn't for this tagteam stuff, I'm pretty sure he might've been champ by now. Or maybe not, since Wrestlemania season isn't exactly the time to push new guys these days. DB had bad timing, I guess. He certainly deserves to be champ.
  8. Because he's a vanilla midget and we know how WWE feels about those. CM Punk was a different case because he was at least taller and could cut an intense promo (Bryan may have in ROH, but he hasn't in WWE to my knowledge and he's been burdened with a comedy character for awhile anyway.) Even then, we saw how Punk was treated as WWE Champion. He was only booked in the main event when he turned heel and before then, he was also doing average/below average ratings. You can say it was because of his smiley dick baby face persona but what about before that? When the Summer Of Punk storyline began, it didn't exactly set the world on fire in terms of ratings or buy rates either, no matter how much we enjoyed it.

    Vanilla midgets aren't typically big draws when they're at the top of the card, regardless of what their crowd reaction is. History proves this.

    Bryan is also in a fair spot as it is, and that's in an over tag team with Kane. When a spot opens up, I could see him winning the WWE Title at least once but I doubt he'll be a permeant main eventer. Most likely a Jericho who floats in and out of the main event (which could end up meaning WHC wins, which is basically a midcard title these days.) I see Punk in a similar light, too.
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  9. So since Punk and Bryan are both Vanilla Midgets, who do you see as WWE's main guy after Cena? Ryabck seems fitting if booked right.
  10. I don't see Bryan ever having a good title reign tbh. He just doesn't have the look or "superstar" appeal to propel him to that next level. I hope I'm wrong though. Bryan > all
  11. Stopped reading there. How is D'Z more talented than DB?
  12. Kobe's always talking out of his ass. D'Z has a better look and is probably better at selling/taking bumps, but that's it.
  13. Ryback has the marketable look for it but not much else. He also is currently lacking any sort of aura thanks to WWE having the strangest ideas for pushing someone as the future #2 face of the company by booking him on a losing streak.

    The next face of the company is hard to predict (and may not be in the company yet, and probably isn't) but it certainly isn't Bryan or Punk.
  14. Bryan is a jobber? Seems like he is too high profile and is picking up to many wins to be a jobber. He seems to only lose in high profile matches (guys like Cena, Ryback and the Shield) and that is hardly jobbing. He's no Ryder.

    He'll get it in time. He is proving himself to be loyal to the company right now and Vince and Hunter are going to reward him down the line. Just like they did with Eddie, Benoit, Jericho and any other guy who came from the outside who went through similar things to what Bryan is doing. It usually takes guys that have wrestled elsewhere a couple of years before reaching the top because Vince wants to see if they are loyal and won't just jump ship.
  15. So many people returned to watching wrestling after the CM Punk "shoot". That was a definite success.
  16. MITB still barely had a significant jump in buy rates. And WWE were pretty disappointed in the Summerslam buy rate as well.
  17. And you put all the blame on one person?
  18. So what is your point then...
  19. I think Bryan will as someone above mentions do an Eddie and go over and win big at a later date and it will send fans rabid.
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