Whens the last time Dean Ambrose defended that US title?

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  1. Whens the last time Dean Ambrose defended that US title? it seems ages ago seriously he should be stripped of that title as he doesnt defend it much he just carries it around like a trophey. Other better talented wrestlers could be having that title and having a successful run with it
  2. Wasn't it against Big E at HIAC? Really shows how irrelevant that title has become.
  3. See that title would be a good candidate for the weekly title match on Raw I had the idea for. Do it WWE! (I know I'm grasping at straws here)
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  4. But seriously, give the belt to Kidd or Fandango, guys like that. It'll help them. It can't help Ambrose, basically meaningless, as he's constantly being booked in bigger feuds. Pointless IMO.
  5. No give it to Xavier Woods!
  6. Another possibility lol.
  7. It seems from now to Wrestlemania (if my predictions are correct) that Ambrose will be booked in programs that don't revolve around the US Championship, as he is currently focused on destroying Punk, then out to win the Royal Rumble (which will cause a stir between all three members I'm sure, continuing the march towards their breakup), then probably crossing paths with the Wyatts that pits both teams against each other at Mania, leading to The Shield break-up after Mania is over.

    Point is, he doesn't need the title. Arguably, he never really did but it at least made some sense at first because the Shield winning a bunch of gold was a way of further demonstrating their dominance but at this point, putting the US Title on someone else gives others an interesting program to work while Ambrose will continue to take part in relevant feuds without the title regardless. Have Punk cost him the strap next Monday on Raw as a way of Punk getting a big one over the group, causing them to lose the last championship that they currently possess. .
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  8. I'd have Ambrose retain the title a couple more times before The Shield lose to The Wyatt Family at WM, signalling their break up. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns turn on each other and have a triple threat ladder match for the US title at the following PPV, Extreme Rules. Rollins grabs the belt here and continues to feud with Ambrose. Meanwhile, babyface Reigns is getting dat push.
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    Yes, I like this approach, too. Ambrose keeping the championship up until the moment they split apart will allow him to grow an enormous ego about how he's held the title for close to a year unlike Reigns and Rollins with the tag titles. Plus, everyone thinks it would be Rollins and Ambrose who feud anyway as far as one-on-one goes.
  10. WWE see Reigns as being above Rollins and Ambrose now, IMO. Did you notice on RAW, Punk said he'll try to take out as many of the Shield as possible at TLC? I think he will eliminate Ambrose and Rollins before Reigns hits a spear for his win. Reigns will get a main-event push as soon as The Shield split instead of continuing rivalries with Ambrose and Rollins.
  11. I actually just realized I fucked up my last post. I meant to type "everyone thinks it would be Rollins and Ambrose who feud anyway as far as one-on-one goes." as I was agreeing with your post. I agree Reigns will get the biggest push (likely straight to the top after The Shield ends) out of the three.
  12. Have some three way match with Fandango, Xavier Woods and Ambrose. Have either Fandango or Woods win, and those two feud over the title. Thus freeing up Ambrose for the inevitable splitting of The Shield. Maybe have Ambrose hold on to the title until they split, having either Rollins or preferably Reigns win the strap.
  13. If I don't care about the title, why should I care if he ever defends it?
  14. Clearly they don't care for the title either.
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