When's the right time to propel Ambrose up the card?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. Let's be honest, we all know he is going to be an absolute pleasure to watch. The potential feuds we can witness are going to be top notch entertainment. Ambrose/Punk, Ambrose/Bryan, Ambrose/Cena, Ambrose/Orton (just for the both being psycho's part), and many more. I just can't wait, but when is the right time to push him up? They're teasing the split with Shield already, and he'll probably feud with them for a bit and lose. After that happens, what's the best feud to put him in?
  2. the best feud? Ambrose vs Miz. The other two shield members will move around much better than Ambrose. He's great on the mic and decent in ring, but the US title is where i see him staying until SS/MITB time.
  3. I don't see him as the type of guy who will be near the top of the card honestly.

    He is perfect for being the mid card guy who can move up for a feud or too before moving back down.

    as for the best feud post shield? Ziggler obviously would be cool or maybe Cody if he is back to singles competition by then
  4. Screw you Dolph.
  5. What do you have against Dolph Ziggler? Or did you mean Dolph's?
  6. Dolph's, obviously. Though Ziggler isn't as good as Ambrose :pipebomb:
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  7. I like Dean (though not nearly as much as many) I just don't think he will be getting pushed like many expect or hope.

    He's obviously no Ziggler in terms of ability.
  8. You don't think he'll ever be top of the card, or just in the near future? The business is all about presence and mic ability now'adays, and he has both in abundance. You can't even question his ring ability either after his latest matches being very good (especially his one with Punk).
  9. my bad cray lesnar fan for life, i didn't realize i had to finish the sentence and correct it every time you post. :pipebomb: Ambrose is midcard MAX.
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  10. You better take this back if you ever wish to see me in IWT again.
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  11. like I said I picture him as an upper mid card fixture with plenty of mid card gold and he will get some main event feud spots but I never picture him being a permanent main eventer or getting a big singles push around Mania time or anything like that.

    maybe feuding with a recently turned face Reigns will help him take off with a ton of momentum, who knows, these things aren't exactly predictable.
  12. Bro i'm 1-0 against you. I'll take it back when you drop a pipebomb promo on the IWT universe. Until then, You're Ambrose, and I'm still Cena.
  13. yea but I'm Bork

    Bork >>
  14. You're fandango buddy, Ryback at the best. :awyeah:

    Seriously come at me, you and craydaddy couldnt take my IWT title. Aidswinslol.
  15. With the lack of top heels in WWE at the moment, he could become the best in 2014, well towards the end of the year. In a 1v1, heel v face feud, who would be better than him? Orton, lol. Wyatts maybe. Ryback, ADR, nope. Ambrose will benefit from the lack of top heels.
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  16. said the laughable clown who thinks Barrett is a main eventer. bro you are the heath slater of this forum, until someone gives you a push, no one gives one single fuck about what you are doing/have to say.
  17. Lol when did I say that? Nice man.
  18. I mark for random unprovoked aids flaming
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  19. I am not going back 3 weeks to the huge debate we all had to have. Thanks for handing me the respect i deserve :jbl:
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