Where are they going with Cena now then?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 19, 2013.

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  1. The ending to the PPV match was weird for a couple reasons.
    • They were really hell bent on selling the hell out of Cena's "injury".
    • Ryback just walked away... No confirmation of a match result or anything. No counting.
    It lead us to ask questions like "Is Cena legitimately hurt?" and whilst that seems highly improbable, we are left knowing nothing. Ryback won that match. He slammed Cena through the wall thing, and got up first. The referee should have counted afterwards to 10, in which Ryback would have won, and we would have a new champion. If this is kayfabe (which it obviously is), then why were these rules not addressed? Why was the result not explained? Why the fuck did he just get up and leave leaving Cena almost dead?
    Here are my theories:
    • Cena's legitimate injury (his heel) is worse than we thought, and needs time off. This is how they wrote him off.
    • They made Ryback get up to keep him looking strong, but want the no contest ending to keep the strap on Cena. Retarded, but is just retarded enough to fit under the #wwelogic hash tag.
    Post yours.
  2. The 2nd thing. They try to sell it as a legit injury with the lack of a real finish so people will be like "it must be r3al because they just stopped [email protected]!" They didn't want Ryback jobbing again and this is the only way they could think to prevent that without removing the belt from Cena.
  3. The fact that the referee didn't count was to sell the impact of that move and Cena's injury afterwards as a more serious thing... As if the ref was so shocked and concerned for both of their well being that he didn't even think to count but rather to call for the medics to come help out. No one should honestly think Ryback won because there was no official count, and I'm pretty sure Ryback was down for a ten count just like Cena anyway. It was the referees who helped him back up.

    The idea of ending the match in a draw wasn't retarded at all. There is hardly the first Last Man Standing match that ended in a draw (and hardly the last) and without wanting Cena to lose the title or Ryback to take another loss, a draw was pretty expected (at least by me, I mentioned it in a thread before.) And if Cena really is injured and needs time off, this is a good excuse to give it to him. That would allow Ryback to claim he deserves to be WWE Champion, as he destroyed Cena and put him out.
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  4. A match at Extreme Rules resulting in a referee being flabbergasted by how extreme a match got. Modern WWE is so awesome.
  5. Well, in WWE's mind, it's an example of even an extreme match going too far. It was hardly the biggest or most dangerous bump or spot I've ever seen, of course.

    Big Show tossing Cena into that big ass spotlight four years ago at Backlash 2009 was more 'extreme' than anything I remember seeing at any Extreme Rules PPV, including tonight.
  6. Or they could just pull a Super-Cena and have him "overcome the odds" and beat Ryback at Payback.
  7. Did you guys see what he landed on? A series of bars that if you got put on you would fall through. You wouldn't just lay on them with your weight perfectly evened out. You would fall through the bars, especially if you had force behind it. He's fine, and wwe did it's job. They made you believe he was injured.
  8. Spoiler alert next time, jesus.

    Cena will roll to the ring in a wheelchair/full body cast tomorrow night but still beat someone like Dean Ambrose in the ME. Now that Dean has the mid card belt it's his job to job to main eventers.
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  9. sadly, this. and i go for #2 for crayo, you put if perfectly.
  10. I'd expect Cena to take a couple of weeks off selling it and then come back hell bent on tearing Ryback aphahahahahahahahahaha :lol1:... yeah, can't even type that without bursting into laughter.
  11. He was up and walking on the post show. As they were getting ready to load him into the ambulance he litteraly jumped up, took off the neckbrace and said "I'm fine" before walking off.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Oh they actually showed that? Wow...
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  14. Crayo! By u should know WWE WRITER ARE DUMB ASSES THAT DAYS! And forgot about how this shit have before in 2007 when Batisa vs. Taker in a last match stand for the world title and the ref count to 10 and the match was a draw. here wwe acould are dumb pg that just don't shit. i hell i am supiste cena did not use his serect wepaon in his last stand match! GOOD OLD DUCK TAPE! :pipebomb:
  15. They did. At least if the fans stayed around to watch the post-show they would have seen it. Apparently there were kids crying rivers because of Cena's injury if twitter is to be believed.
  16. Yawn...More Ryback, I loved him when I first got back into wrestling, he is driving me mad now. I thought Cena could of just beaten him and put this to bed, it wasn't to be...
  17. I hope they give him some time off like they do with Punk.

    Keep those two out of the spotlight for some months to create some new things with younger talent.
  18. Probably going to say "both men were valiant and gave all they had and no winner could be decided" or some BS.

    No way is Cena legitimately hurt, they wouldn't have had him compete if he was IMO. And that finish was so pathetic. You get speared through the lights and land perfectly on a thin pole yet the opponent falls off onto the floor? Also, anyone notice the side where Cena's head was, was the side where the wall was where they "went through" - shouldn't his feet have been there and head where his feet were, considering he went through backwards? That was definitely taped earlier and no one noticed.
  19. #2, and nothing's going to happen concering it and same old Cena will beat Ryback clean at Payback.
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  20. Gonna come out with new theme song, and a new attire.
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    And gonna shake it off like nothing.
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