Where are you from?

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  1. Self-explanatory title. Today I learned @Solidus is
    as he so eloquently put it, but I want to know about the rest of you guys. Where you're from, if you ever wanted to live anywhere else etc.

    There was another slightly similar thread, but I was not sure I wanted to necro-post so I made a new one.
  2. I live in the south of England but am moving to the US soon.
    How about you?
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  3. From the north of England, moved to London around seven years ago. I'd love to move to Tokyo, could still happen.
  4. Aracaju,SE. Capital of the smallest state in Brazil, northwest region, clean beaches and shitty music.
  5. Ah, bem, bem! :cesaro: (I think, learnt some Brazilian-Portuguese from a guy I work with)
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  6. Haha, yes, it's good, but it's way more common to say "Bom, Bom!"

    "Bem, bem" sounds sarcastic and snarky, unless that's what you're going for, in which case good job:happy:
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  7. Damn, I would love to move to japan, but England wouldn't be bad either. The housing is so pretty
  8. Born in West Seneca, NY but I've lived in Georgia for the past few years. I actually just moved to Macon recently, but I'm planning to move to Atlanta once I get my core classes done and I can transfer.
  9. Born: El Centro, California
    Living currently: San Diego, California

    Places I've lived before: New Orleans, Louisiana, Fort Worth, Texas, Norfolk, Virginia
  10. Take me with you plz :smug:

    Born and raised in the North West of England in Cheshire. Want to go to Manchester Uni so a possible move to Manchester. But I would love to live in London or the US.
  11. I live in Wisconsin home of the Cheesehead.
  12. Toronto, but I'd like to move to Vancouver.
  13. Born and raised in Serbia.

    Would like to move to Germany, Austria or 'murica.

    I'm from Ontario, outside of Toronto.
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  15. Tennessee. I've lived in Union City for most of my life, but I've always identified as being from Martin (the town next over) for varied reasons, not the least of which is that it's just a better town than Union City is.
  16. Damn, so many muricans up in this bitch. WHERE MY OTHER FOREIGN BOYS AT?

    Jk. I love murica <3
  17. Live in Toronto. I only want to live here.
  18. Manchester is a reyt good night out to be fair.

    As for the OP I'm from the North of England, Sheffield to be precise.
  19. The land of vikings and Ikea furniture. So Sweden. To be precise the northern parts.
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  20. My hometown!
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