Where Can I Find More Music like This?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by The Wolf Said Poofy, Dec 1, 2012.

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  1. Can you help me find music similar to this, if you know of any keyword, or if you have your own database of similar tunes it would be great.

    These kind of intriguing, electrifying, depressed sounding, rainy day kind of music, exactly like this one, with the saxophone, or atleast similar to it..

    Nothing like being in my living room in a dark rainy day @ 6 pm in a december day when its almost night but you can still see a gray sky filled with memories and rain, and around me are pictures filled with memories, a christmas tree illuminating me, a type of orange fire place kind of light, and this music...:gary::gary:
  2. Have you tried typing the artist name into a site like last fm or if ur in the states also try pandora radio?
  3. Google search similar artists to who ever is the artist of that song.

    " -insert artist name- similar artists"
    "-insert artist name- similar music"

    Thats all I do.

    Pandora is usually good on finding similar artists/songs/music
  4. For songs like that? Try Classical Jazz or Just Youtube "Kenny G"

  5. :boss1: What I do is go to Wiki and look up similar artists and listen to their stuff.

    Side note, we should get tuxedos and listen to this stuff as we drive down the street in an old fashion black luxury car in a downtown city as it rains while smoking cigars.
  6. Only other advice i can give is just trawl every music site, forum, vid site typin in ur artists name an searchin thro. Thats how i do it usually spend at least 20 hours a week doin so.
  7. Thanks for everything.
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