Where did they go wrong with this build?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Sep 15, 2013.

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  1. A month ago we had Summerslam which was one of the best built and best executed WWE PPV's in recent memory, but a simple month later has resulted in a WWE PPV having one of the worst builds I've ever seen. Where did they go wrong with this? How do you go from a fantastic Summerslam to a not-very-exciting Night of Champions?
  2. I think the problem lies with the focus being majorly in the main storyline. Leading up to Summerslam all feuds had decent build, which made the show as a hold better. Here all focus has been on the wwe title and the corporation. Everything else is kind of on the backburner.
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  3. This.

    How many other storylines are there at the moment that aren't in some way linked to the main one: CM Punk v Heyman and ADR v RVD/RR. I can't think of any others. That's far too few and obviously people will lose interest.
  4. What Stop said. The current big storyline (which involves like three matches for this show I think) is a long-term deal so the NoC matches are just there.
  5. Crayo... as crazy as it sounds, this PPV should have bad build.

    These guys up there^ discussed them putting heat on the corporation taking precedence over build for Bryan/Orton, but it doesn't really matter how big of a match that feels like because it's way too early for Bryan to win the belt. The main event doesn't have much luster. Maybe they could do a better job getting casual fan buys, but as fans we shouldn't really be bothered by this. So the selling point to the show has been "CM Punk's gotta run through Axel to get to Heyman... Hey, look, Axel sucks ass! Gimme your money and get your payoff!". Great for casuals, not for us. And is it such a bad thing that RVD vs ADR has such bad build? Sure beats these idiots actually getting mic time or multiple segments. Oy.

    But... hate harping on this again, but Summerslam had the best build in years because of the lack of belts. You had Wyatt's debut we were anticipating, a personal feud with Rhodes and Sandow, Ziggler breaking away from Big E/AJ, Nattie being bullied by Brie, the Punk/Lesnar grudge match... So many feuds! And the only match with shit build (ADR/Christian) was the only one with a mid-card belt on the line. Here we have 3.
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  6. I think the real problem is the lack of midcard feuds. We haven't really seem much of Ambrose and Ziggler's feud besides Ambrose jumping Ziggler and then the several matches. I'd have liked to see them use some time to speak, it would have been phenominal. Reigns and Rollins have been, as part of the Shield, too busy with the whole Corporation angle that they've also suffered. A bit of time with the Usos and PTP (hell even on Main Event) would've helped. Oh, and there has been little continuation of the angles besides the Corporation. What are the Wyatts doing? They beat Kane and did a promo, that's it. Sandow's been jobbing now, so Cody's feud with him went down the gutter.
  7. I actually think the build has been bad, at least to some extent, on purpose. Remember the mixing of reality and kayfabe that WWE has done since the "Pipebomb Promo" (Hi, Colt Cabana!). I think this is a side effect of the heel build of Randy Orton. As the face of the WWE, he's ultimately "held responsible" for the entire product (especially by the IWC). If they have poor PPV's (or a poor PPV build...don't expect this lack of good build to be a long-term thing), then it's Orton's fault, thus making him "bad for business" despite the fact he's constantly referred to as "good for business".

    The other problem is that it's too early in the main storyline to have a bunch of blow-off matches, which are the exciting ones. The only match here that really has the capacity to be a blow-off is the Punk match and they've gone out of their way to make us think that we'll finally get to see CM Punk get his hands on Paul Heyman...so much so that it's almost a foregone conclusion that something untoward will happen and keep this from happening (Brock's coming back; there's a new "Paul Heyman Guy" debuting; locusts!).


    Note: I only really buy into one of these probabilities, but I'll keep you guessing as to which one...:otunga:
  8. The main feud, that being Orton vs Bryan, has been super-built for the past few weeks, so the other matches are just there with not as much build. The only other match with a decent amount of build is Punk vs Axel and Heyman, which isn't even an title match.
  9. Although I think what everyone's been saying does have something to do with it, we can't forget that the Summerslam storylines were built MONTHS ahead of time. Daniel Bryan's popularity rise over the course of a few months, CM Punk's storyline essentially started the moment Lesnar showed up and F5'd him for first time... We were just given the impression that all these things would converge and resolve at Summerslam.

    The storyline building to NOC was merely a spin-off. And MAYBE... just maybe... people had less hope in Bryan winning at NOC than they did for Summerslam.
  10. CM Punk/Heyman was a shit build because they didn't stretch it out long enough, so the kinky torture porn got repetitive.

    Same with Bryan/Orton
    -DB gets attacked
    -Big Show cries
    Same shit for like 3 weeks
    Then Big Show not being involved was absolutely non sensical.

    Ambrose/Ziggler was not built well at all and the match was just underwhelming considering who was in it.

    This was probably the only time the tag team matches were better than the entire card
  11. I think the Diva's got a good build up though as well. Going from starting the Total Diva's show, then using it to bash them, and then lastly using them to attack AJ, I think it was built pretty well.
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  12. They did get a good build, which has become unusual for WWE. But it was a good change.

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  13. lmfao, where did they go wrong? Where didn't they go wrong.

    -Daniel Bryan has become a walking cliche. If I hear one more time about the fucking high school gyms he wrestled at I am going to burn down every high school gym within a 100 mile radius
    -Big Show was the feature of Raw 90% of the time, didn't have a PPV match. brilliant waste of time
    -Orton is the same boring fuck, just with more tv time now.
    -Del Rio just can't make lemonade out of the shit they give him
    -Ziggler is back to being buried
    -Wyatt is a forgotten man
    -Cesaro jobs to Santino
    -The main storyline is too overbearing. You are either involved in that storyline or in meaningless matches

    hey, the tag team division is being built up somewhat at least. I really thought the PTP should have won last night. The Shield desperately need something to make people care, and becoming HHH's bitch wasn't it.
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