Where did you find us?

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    When creating a topic in this section please state where you came from.

    Examples: Hackforums, Youtube, Google etc.

    It's always good to know where the new users came from and I'm sure the staff team would agree with me.
  2. When I did join, I came from MyBB community forums. Then I showed Crayo all the places to help advertise :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. I joined because I seen an advertisement thread on HackForums and decided to register as I'm a passionate WWE fan.
  4. I joined from MyBB installation.
  5. I joined yesterday, one of you PM-ed me on "that forum". I have the same username there, lol...
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  6. Shouldn't this be a sticky topic?
  7. Just joined today. Coutersy of Hackforums.
  8. I think so, don't know.
  9. I also came from Hackforums :emoji_heart:

    Welcome to WWEForums.net, enjoy your stay =)
  10. I joined from ForumPromotion.
  11. :thumbup: Hello people. I got invited from Youtube. My name is Pocket. And I love wrestling . Thanks for the invite hopefully I can become part of the community and discuss wrestling with you all.
  12. Already welcomed you but I'll do it again :emoji_slight_smile:!!!

    Welcome, no need to say hopefully, you're already in the community :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. So cheesy of me, I sound like Santino.
  13. Welcome to WF, hopefully you can participate in future live discussion threads :emoji_slight_smile:.
  14. Forum Promotion.
  15. From MarketForums.
  16. I came from WWE-Club
  17. Oh really? Who's advertising there lol?
  18. No one, there are two people here from WWE-Club, supposedly 'spies'.
  19. Lol spies. I so wish that was true :emoji_slight_frown:
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