Where do we take the Swiss Superman from here?

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  1. Mania is over with more than a week now. Time to focus on new things. A guy who had a lot of momentum until the road to Wrestlemania kicked into high gear was Antonio Cesaro. Sadly he was derailed once mania and the big feuds took up so much time. But we are beyond that, and what has happened to him is nothing that cannot be salvaged.

    - He lost the United States title. Opens up new opportunities.
    - He has lost his anti America character. Allows us to build him a new one.

    Personally I'd first of all make him stop yoddeling. It brings nothing to him and with a real character /direction he doesn't need it.

    Then I'd probably move him up the car a bit. He can get heat when he is allowed to work and he is without a doubt one of the best and hardest workers in ring in the company. If it weren't for the IC belt being held by a heel I would probably have had him pick it up. He did good bringing attention to the US title when he held it and could do the same with the IC. Run him as the fighting champion. Constantly bringing in new challengers to prove his dominance with Antonio selling himself as the iron man of the WWE. Then I'd slowly move him up the card. Having him work as an upper midcarder for most of the year and then around the end of 2013 I'd have him start sniffing at the WHC.

    Alternatively his old partner Kassius is coming up soon. A personal rivalry with him based off of their history would be fun to see and the matches would be really good. Alternatively from that reform their old tag team and let them have a run as a try out. If that doesn't work have Antonio turn on Kassius and start up plan A.

    How would you book Antonio going forward?

    Any particular type of character you'd like to see him portray?
  2. If Hero is getting called up to the main roster soon maybe KOW return? I doubt it though as wwe don't care about tag wrestling.
  3. I could see them working as a tag team or as a possible feud, depends on what direction they are going with Kassius, ive been out of the loop with NXT, all i know is hes been feuding with Regal, I need watch more NXT, but dont have the time due to babysitting my nephew.
  4. Well Cena needs fresh heels to feud with, so once this Ryback thing is over, I wouldn't be surprised to see Cesaro get a shot. He'll lose ofc, but at least he'll get some main events out of the deal.
  5. After watching his match on RAW I have another idea. This one pays a bit of an homage to his old banker gimmick and the million dollar man.

    Have him come out an issue challenges on TV. That if his opponent beats him he will get a cash price. Cesaro then goes on an impressive run with wins until they give him someone to hold a long rivalry with. Build him as a brash and arrogant but dangerous wrestler. Have him offer people from the crowd and backstage money if they can perform tasks that he sabotages for them. Give us a good reason to boo him and then he can woo us some more in the ring with his impressive work.
  6. Cesaro vs. Cena or Cesaro vs. Ziggler can be some great feuds. I would enjoy watching this two feuds happen.

    Also wouldn't mind seeing Fandango team up with Cesaro. That can be a very interesting tag team combination.
  7. Just thinking about Cesaro vs Ziggler is making me wet already :gusta:
  8. Just stop yodeling. Whoever came up with that idea should be dropped into an active volcano
  9. Antonio is a great talent. I hope he could be a World Champion.
    He's the Future of the WWE.
  10. I hope KOW will return. I am praying really hard.
  11. Yeah, making him stop yodeling is a great idea. Just like his 5 languages stuff, won't get him any heat and isn't particularly entertaining.
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