Where do you draw the line?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Inspired by this thread which is worth a read (some HQ mixed with some LQ), where do you draw the line in "edginess"?

    Recently WWE has experimented with some rather shocking segments. Firstly there was the segment where CM Punk & Paul Heyman mocked Jerry Lawler's heart attack extremely, and I personally thought it was gold. It had mixed reviews, and not just by members on this forum. Plenty thought it was disrespectful, cringe-worthy and embarrassing. Where as many people enjoyed the edginess and thought it added to Punk's character.

    And last night we had CM Punk interrupt Undertaker's tribute to Paul Bearer and said "I'm sorry for your loss... at Wrestlemania". Again, I thought this was fine, and added a lot to Punk's character.

    Why do I think segments like this are fine? Because WWE have respect and ask the necessary and important people involved whether it would be okay. I have no doubts that WWE approached Lawler about the heart-attack and because he lives and breathes WWE, Lawler said that's fine. It was reported yesterday that WWE approached Paul Bearer's family (and his son specifically) about this idea and they too were fine with it because they understood the business and Paul would have been completely okay with it.

    My honest opinion on this is that why should we care if they're fine with it? Their families have the right to complain about this, and if WWE went through with it anyway without their consent then I too would be furious. If they're completely fine with it, why should we care? The only people it could offend are Paul Bearer and Lawler in this situation, and if everyone involved who should be involved with the decision making is fine then why shouldn't we?

    That's my two cents, I'm curious to see other peoples opinion too.
  2. It's TV.

    What line? :haha:
  3. /thread
  4. Honestly, IMO everything to do with consenting adults is fine. My line has, and will always be children. Children shouldn't be brought up, mocked, or be involved in wrestling story lines.
  5. Come on captain Buzzkill. Remember the Raven/Sandman ECW feud? Fucking classic
  7. I assume you hated the Punk/Mysteriosegment where he mocked his kids etc?
  8. To each his own, I have the same problem with these shows like Honey Boo Boo, and the child's pageants. The kids aren't informed or mature enough to decide whether they should be involved or not, so leave them out of it. It's not like they can get in the ring and get revenge.
  9. So you think no child should be a child actor? Should we have midgets portraying children on TV/movies?
  10. No line, if we make a line, then eventually we won't be able to find anything funny. All I'm saying.
  11. Wasn't a fan, no. But I'm not going to protest it or boycott wrestling for it. During those types of moments I switch over to something else.
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  12. Say when Owen Hart died and the next day they mocked him. Now that's fucked up.
  13. Acting is a bit different, in wrestling stories everything ends in a wrestling match. There is no reason to get a child involved in something the can't help resolve. Also, child actors might actually want to act. A wrestler's kids could not want to be involved at all and are forced to be mentioned due to who their dad is.
  14. I don't see a real difference between acting for tv/movies and wrestling. Yes it ends in a wrestling match, but children can help advance storylines like a mf.

    Anyone who doesn't know the Raven/Sandman rivalry should look it up. Amazing television and it was all because of the involvement of Sandman's IRL son. Such an emotional feud there will probably never be again
  15. I think what Senhor meant to say is that they not supposed to get involved in something that is way too serious for them to actually undrestand.

    Portraying a kid in a Disney movie is alright, because the kid is portraying a kid. But when the kid gets involved in something way too serious, than it might be a terrible idea.

    We had an actor in Russia, who at the age of 13/15 played a role of a Russian soldier during the 2nd world war. The film was way too serious, and the actor suffered a serious weight loss, and also suffered from illness during the shooting of the movie. He suffered from serious mental issues shortly after words (he's alright now). So basically, sometimes there is certain roles who children should not get involved with.

    Here's a little scenes from the movie:

  16. I think there is a big grey area. Each situation I judge seperatly. The Muhammad Hassan gimmick was the only one I didn't care for off the top of my head.
  17. It's cool that you feel differently, but I am what I am. It may have something to do with becoming a pretty big pussy since becoming a dad, I dunno.
  18. You guys are making me think of Game of Thrones where a women is breast feeding an 11 year old.
  19. :ROBBIE:
  20. I'm not here to disregard your opinion, your are certainly entitled to it. I was more trying to find where you drew the line on child actors since your reasoning behind not wanting them in wrestling was because they may or may not want to do it. My thinking was the same could be said about 99.99% of what children do.
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