Where do you live?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. While there is probably a thread on this already, I want to do something different. Most users here know where most other users live, but I think it'll be quite cool to post some pictures of your area. I plan personally on editing this post when I can with pictures of the good and bad of Cornwall -- which gets shit on so much here (rightly so) -- but do any of you have any pictures of your area you wish to share?

    Also, if you do, post where the area is.
  2. I live in Coldwater, MI which is in the US. Coldwater is a shit town, so the pics will only be bad :/
  3. San Diego, California, hometown of Rey Mysterio, in the country of the United State of America, currently living in military housing.
    Main office: [​IMG]
    Some of the houses, pools, and kids for some reason: [​IMG]

    Good things about where I live are, we have security patrolling the place, military store nearby, lots of other stores like Walmart, Albertsons, etc., nearby, and there is a path leading directly to Qualcomm Stadium, so I can go walk to the football stadium if I have tickets or just want to stop by.
  4. So jealous. I love California.
  5. :haha: It just looks great, disadvantages, we are to close smacked together, we have to be quiet at a certain time, young people over here are disrespectful, and there was shit in the pool the other day :eww:
  6. I'll try and get some pics of Middlesbrough, won't be nice but it's the place I love so I don't care. :jericho:

    Btw Farooq, that place looks amazing, differant place but i'd love to live in Orlando.
  7. One of the beaches I often go visit if surfs up, or if it's an incredible day.

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  8. No chance that is England, too nice.
  9. Cornwall has some of the best beaches in the world, it's just the rest of it that sucks. Cornwall though is basically one big beach since it's just a small county surrounded by coast lol.
  10. I'm only joking anyway, it looks really nice though, Boro doesn't even have a beach. :((
  11. Some more:


    The mount I jog past every single morning

    Awesome pic, not sure which beach:

    Been here a lot:

    They call this "hell mouth" as many people commit suicide here, but overall it's a very nice place lmao
  12. Sheffield, I think most of you know that about me lol.

    Anyway, we don't even need pools our stadium just fucking floods -_-.


    It's not a bad place tbh, a lot of greenland about which is awesome if you want to play sports or just walk around with a dog or whatever.

    An example of one literally a minutes walk from me :


    A city center with all the typical shit, plus meadowhall ( a big shopping mall place) which is good for shopping.

    A shot at the peace gardens in the center.


    When we had our bigass wheel, was pretty boring to go on:


    We have some bad areas ( a few problems with gun and knife crime but not as bad as most areas. )

    By far the worst is this shithole :



    Being in land didn't stop us :boss1:
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. That's an awesome photo, where is that?
  15. Canada, bro. I'm working for few weeks there now, until September.
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  16. If I had to guess, I would have said Canada. I'm so moving there when I'm older, or Spain, one or the other. Where are you returning after work?
  17. Croatia.
  18. Union City, Tennessee. Although Martin (the town right over) is a bigger and more lively town in it's own way. I hope to move back there soon.
  19. Nashville. :boss:
  20. Here is a pic of my university. The University of Gävle, Sweden.

    Some more pics. Our fire station.

    Newly built residential area down by the sea.

    Old Railway stable they turned into a concert hall for rock concerts.

    Town center with the theater in the background.

    All in all pretty nice place to live.
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