Where do you rank Hollywood Hogan as a promo guy?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Yeah let's build another phantom list, Hollywood Hogan is often mentioned either for his impact on the business or his awful matches whilst no one seems to acknowledge his ability on the stick. So yeah how highly do you rate him Brother?



  2. Hogan was legit on the stick, Jack. I wouldn't have him near the top of any all time great promo man lists, but he was more than respectable. I'd say he's #47 all time.
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  3. In the 80s top 3, early 90s top 10, late nineties early 00's top 20, now off the radar brother. That would average to probably top 20 all time.
  4. He's up there with the best whether it's face or heel promos. I don't like listing people from #1 to whatever but his intensity and ability (mostly as a face) to convey a long string of words without running out of breath or screwing up mid-line - even if a lot of those old promos were pretaped - is something most guys can't pull off. I'd even rank him above Piper in terms of heel promos. Piper's ranting and raving on the mic never did much for me.

    His promo at BATB 1996 was one of the best ever and alone helped get people glued to the WCW product.
  5. Pretty much what Dolph said. I don't rate him near the top at all to be honest, but he's definitely above average and can project a promo pretty well.
  6. I wouldn't rate him at the top because I don't really think he's one of the best... But he's also a good promo guy, I like some of his promos, not all are really good
  7. This, and also mentioning the fact he was leader of a crew who were ALL superior IMO on the mic also, gave him extra love/hate from fans because of the fact they could mention him and it instantly got more pop (one way or another) for :hogan:
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