Where do you think Anonymous went?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. The user, not the group. The guy who made loads of cool stuff for us. I'm interested in your theories on where you think he went. Go.
  2. Don't think I was around when he was here.
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  3. He's a midget who jogs in a small hamster wheel to power the curiosity mars rover.
  4. Undercover in a Hong Kong Cartel as a egg roll.
  5. He went into a parallel dimension unto where there is no internet. Dogs control humans, and he trys to find his way out. Luckily he snuck into the dogs lab, in help with some human rebels, and got a special device. With this device him and the rebels came back into this dimension, the problem is he came back during the 1600s. Some of the rebels didn't mind since they liked this non technology time, but most of them didn't. They repaired the device and went into the future. They landed at 4509. Most of them were happy, as was Anonymous, so almost all of them stayed. Two though, came back into the late 1900s. Those two are now known world wide as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. To answer your question in short, Anonymous is stuck in the future at the time of 4509. I hope this will clear everything up with you guys.
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  6. Lmao I like your enthusiasm Farooq.
  7. Vacation.. Xanth told me a few weeks ago.
  8. He's been gone since April, long vacation?
  9. :hmm: I never even got to meet him though
  10. Yeah. Maybe he died? o.O
  11. That's what you think.

  12. It's Crayo
  13. It's Mike
  14. It's Jeebak :shock:
  15. It's Bubba Dudley
  16. Nice smiley fail btw Champ, also it's JeebaK.
  17. Hate Seabs so much.
  18. It's Farooq The GOAT of WWEForums :OO
  19. It's Xanth.
  20. It's Sophie :OO
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