Where do you think the current Roster will be in the next five years?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by MsShield, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. I'm bored, so I came up with this Idea, I start out with 5 people on the current roster, and then you put a different 5 different superstars and tell where you will think that 5 will be in the next five years, include your own five but also in your reply, tell your prediction of the 5 wrestlers of the person above you has said.

    here is my prediction:

    1.Dolph Ziggler- Honestly I think he will go to the Indys,
    2. The Miz- I also think he will end up in the indys
    3. Roman Reigns- a top heel, and probably on his 2nd or 3rd wwe world heavyweight championship run.
    4.Cody Rhodes- gets a wwe world heavyweight champion run, and probably talking retirement by this time or taking some time off.
    5. AJ Lee- Probably on the way to retirement due to being banged up
    Your turn...
  2. Top 5 faces:
    - Roman Reigns
    - Daniel Bryan
    - John Cena
    - Antonio Cesaro
    - Cody Rhodes

    Top 5 heels:
    - Bray Wyatt
    - Brock Lesnar
    - Dolph Ziggler
    - Alexander Rusev
    - Dean Ambrose

  3. Roman Reigns will be the next big star.

    Daniel Bryan will be a top star with multiple WWE title reigns.

    Cena will be retired.

    Langston will be the third top face.

    Rollins will be a great uppermid-carder who puts on great matches constantly.

    Ambrose will be a top heel but won't get that many world title runs.

    Bray Wyatt will also be a big star as a heel

    Rhodes will be a top face.

    Luke Harper will be on his own as a very reliable heel big man.

    Damien Sandow will be a valuable mid-carder, who sometimes gets a chance in the main event.

    Cesaro will become a big face as well, especially due to the fact that he can appeal to the foreign demographic.
  4. if Ziggler leaves WWE it won't be to wrestle somewhere else IMO....

    Roman Reigns a heel? OP you crazy.

    Miz in the indys? He would be eaten alive by those armory crowds.
  5. Five years is a long time in wrestling and no telling what kind of roster changes will already be implemented by then. But I'll bite and go with the current crop of superstars:

    1. John Cena - no longer THE face of WWE but still a very valued player (barring his injuries catching up to him or any new serious injury he might suffer.) He'll already be a heel or on the cusp of a heel turn at least.

    2. Randy Orton - midcard city. He seems to have lost nearly all his drawing power, plus he doesn't seem to care the way he used to. He got a strong push at such a young age that by the time he was 33 (soon to be 34), it's almost like he's already had a full-length career. Five more years from now? Can't help but see him stuck mostly in midcard feuds (kind of like 2012 and most of 2013) and putting people over and probably being fine doing it.

    3. Roman Reigns - one of the top faces of WWE.

    4. Seth Rollins - solid upper-midcarder for the most part. If there's any chance that they bring back the brand split by then, then I can see him not only winning a world title, but probably winning it at least a few times. In a world where two different brands exist, Rollins could be one of the key players for either show.

    5. Dean Ambrose - same as above.

    6. Daniel Bryan - in a Chris Jericho-type of position. A guy who has feuds in the midcard and wins championships there (IC and Tag Team), and who only gets a main event feud or a world title win if and when a spot opens up and it's convenient for him.

    7. Big E - solid midcarder/upper-midcarder. I doubt he ever wins the championship and I doubt he ever becomes a mainstay in the main event scene.

    8. Bray Wyatt - his character will go through a slight metamorphosis perhaps (since most all characters do.) He could still be portraying a demented, enigmatic kind of heel (by then, he'll either have a new family since no way in hell Harper and Rowan are still with him in five years, or he'll just be on his own.) Or maybe he'll end up a babyface by then, one who's character is still about getting inside his opponent's heads and knowing their fears and whatnot without all the other stuff that comes with it about brainwashing people and helping them 'see the light.' Sounds odd, I know, but then hardly anyone probably ever envisioned Mankind or Kane becoming a likeable babyface either, did they?
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