Where does CM Punk go now?

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  1. (Yes deth, another Punk thread).

    I honestly had him as the favourite to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and presuming that the news that Undertaker isn't going to be at Wrestlemania, where does that leave CM Punk?

    I guess with the revelation that he is involved with The Shield implies that he will be in some way with them at Wrestlemania 29. Perhaps he will be in some eight man tag-team match with CM Punk and The Shield vs Sheamus, Orton, Ryback and some other jabroni.

    What do you think?
  2. Great thread.

    I think he should face Rock and Cena in a triple threat at Mania, and win back his title. It would cement his legacy and legitimately be THE BEST IN THE WORLD.
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  3. But where does that leave his alliance with The Shield and Paul Heyman?
  4. If Undertaker agrees to compete at Wrestlemania, a match with him. If Taker doesn't compete, Punk will make the main event a triple threat.

    The way I interpreted the Shield/Heyman revelation was that The Shield were paid by Heyman/Punk to help them but that they also do their own thing, meaning their sole reason for existence wasn't just to help Punk. Which is good. because otherwise their feud with Sheamus and Orton would be pointless.
  5. Punk vs Lesnar with Paul leading to a face turn . Could happen at WM or ER .
    The shield , punk vs sheamus orton ryback Maddox
    Punk vs rocky vs cena
  6. He will be involved with the Shield/Ryback angle.
  7. Bringing back NWO with Lesnar, The Shield and Heyman. :otunga:
  8. Rematch vs Rock at EC, than the another victim of the streak.
  9. So, off-topic, why does Crayo & Capt Peeps have the same avatar? Seems like an unwritten rule of forums is being broken.

    Agreed completely about Punk. I'm under the impression Taker's competing this year though.

    As for the Shield/Heyman revelation, even is Shield weren't doing their own thing and perhaps only agreed because it fit their definition of justice (I have no idea how this went down by the way, didn't watch it just read), it doesn't necessarily make those feuds pointless. They could just have it revealed that Heyman ordered them to attack other people, perhaps giving them names, so to throw off the higher ups track, since apparently Heyman hiring Shield was considered a fire-able offense to Vince. They could even set up Lesnar vs. Orton/Sheamus this way.

    Out of curiosity, was it even confirmed Punk was a part of it though? I'd rather he wasn't, Punk's character always came across as a delusional wrestler who actually believes in everything he says, well heel Punk anyway (this goes for Straight Edge Society and other heel runs in WWE). It be better if Heyman purchased their services because he realizes Punk isn't the best in the world and needs helping in my opinion. Probably because it definitely helps set-up that face turn you brought up awhile back and I'm a fan of that and Punk kind of has to turn face to fight Brock. Or at the very least, I can't imagine it working as well with Brock as a face since he's bad on the mic and Heyman's just too damn good as a heel to serve any other role.

    Not only that, but tying into something you also said, and can definitely tie in the build to Taker. Not only trying to top his WWE Championship reign by ending the streak but proving to everyone including Heyman he doesn't need help to achieve something that great. The latter could even lead to Punk keeping Heyman around only due to their connection but this time by doing things his way. Which would lead into your face scenario.

    Okay, now I'm just fantasy booking I suppose but I think their is a slight possibility WWE might go in that direction so it's still on topic.
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  11. He'll either wrestle Taker or go against Rock/Cena in a Triple Threat.
  12. AW: Where does CM Punk go now?

    I don't think the WWE will put him in the Wrestlemania Main Event with Cena and Rock.

    Storywise it would make no sense, since cena and rock as faces would have to work together against heel Punk to some extend.

    I see him go down the midcard unfortunatly, probably feuding with Randy Orton. we haven't seen this in 2 years... :emoji_wink:
  13. The people expecting Taker or a triple threat are in for a massive disappointment.
  14. I think when Heyman told Brad Maddox about hiring The Shield to do a job, he said "we", which would imply Punk was involved. I do think Punk will become a face by the end of the year. He's too loved by the fans it seems (the crowd seemed even 50/50 during Punk/Rock) not to.

    I could see Punk being legitimately mad about Heyman hiring The Shield behind his back but then again, considering Punk would have lost the belt three times in a row to Ryback if not for either Maddox or Shield, it would actually turn out to be smart on Heyman's part.
  15. Well..he is probably gonna face Undertaker at WM, but if - as the reports say - the Undertaker was unable to compete at WM, then I can see them putting him in the main event with Rock and Cena.
  16. He'll obviously go on twitter and flirt/tweet Britanica.
  17. He will appear in her nightmares :nogusta:
  18. Hun, if I do sigs, you'd expect I can do icons/avatars as well. :dawg:

    I agree that he's probably going to turn face at some point soon. I still don't have enough grasp on the WWE to really predict the future of his career but IMO a face(ish) underdog angle with Punk would be pretty nice.

    Would blow my mind if Cena had a heel turn to match it. Cena would just rub in Punk's face how big and strong he (thinks he) is and how he's the face of the company and how Punk wouldn't even come close to him because he looks like/is a loser. Lmfao, it's probably too complex for most of IWC since they would be so confused on who to cheer for. This is probably just me and my rambling and my noobness.
  19. What do you think will happen then?
  20. Hopefully he retires, opens a straight edge gym and never comes back just so his super marks like Crayo and Gohan could never see him again.
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