Where does Heyman's promo last night rank?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. With all the other promos this year we've been treated to? I was simply shocked at how good it was, and it's hard to be shocked at Heyman as we all know how good he is. But last night he took it to a new level, it was freaking amazing, and it's further proof that managers are still needed. If the rumours are true -- him staying with WWE for longer -- then we're in for a few more treats this year, especially if he aligns or is involved with Punk.
  2. Unreal. His one last week though at the end was even better for me though. There was something about it, just incredible.

    If Heyman had spent his last 6 years in the WWE on screen, he could possibly be known as the best ever. He's much more professional and consistent than Piper is IMO.
  3. Great promo. Awesome work by Heyman.
  4. I wonder where Heyman ranks in the list of the best mic workers of all time
  5. It was pretty good, loved the nicknames he gave Brock and making everything sound dramatic, but awesome at the same time. Hope to see more of Paul Heyman.
  6. Heyman's up there, Top 10 at least. Maybe Top 5.
  7. He should have commanded bork to attack people!
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