Where does Mistico compare to the best wrestlers in the world?

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  1. Most of you know Mistico as Sin Cara now, a botch-prone wrestler who CAN do amazing stuff if done right. He never used to botch as much as he did (or much at all), so where would Mistico rank in the list of great wrestlers?
  2. I would say about average. He still needs to work on not botching if he wants to be put any higher. He can do amazing stuff though and has lots of potential, he just needs to practice a lot more and stop botching.
  3. I haven't bothered watching his lucha libre matches, but I'm sure he is great in that realm. He is an piss poor WWE wrestler though and I have next to no tolerance for watching him
  4. I'm 99% sure it's communicational factors stopping his talent rather than his technique. If you watch a few of his Mexican stuff you'll realise he's fantastic in the ring, that was the reason why he was such a HUGE draw in Mexico.
  5. I'm not judging by his Mexican stuff though, it's how he is currently, if it is a communication problem then Vince needs to get someone who speaks Spanish. I'm sure Vince will do it too, maybe that's the reason he has Mysterio with him.
  6. I really like him in the ring even through the odd botch, his matches always get me super excited and run at a nice fast pace. I think he's above average. After the botching I think he'll be one of the best entertainers in WWE.
  7. The communication and the fact that WWE just doesn't have the right guys to put him in the ring with to do the things he needs to do to be entertaining. His style and WWE style are like oil and water.
  8. Never seen him in Mexico so I can't say, but from what I know he's THE luchador. But I can't rate him.


    Just found this video:
  9. After watching that video Leo found he is definitely one of the best luchadors I have ever seen. He needs some guys that are used to working his style and at his pace and who also speaks Spanish. Then he could have some extraordinary matches in the WWE. At the moment I say guys like Rey, Alberto, Primo and Epico can work matches with him based on style and language. Bryan could probably work a few good matches with him based on the fact that he knows so many styles.
  10. Hunico > Sin Cara imo
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