Where does Rey Mysterio rank with the others?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. He's still amazing in the ring, where does he rank with those like Punk, Bryan, Ziggler etc?
  2. In ring only? He's above Punk but below Bryan, Jericho and Ziggler. He can work crazily well, rarely makes mistakes and sells like a fucking champ.
  3. In terms of ranking Rey on In-ring abilty, I rank him very high. I rank him above the likes of Ziggler, and Punk, and as Seabs says he sells like a "F*ckin Champ!"
  4. Yeah, to clarify I mean in the ring only.
  5. Should be more specific next time. :obama:
  6. I think he ranks below everyone
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    :haha: Just kidding, seems decent in the ring, he can really use his size to his advantage. Don't really know who I'd put him with, or above.
  7. He's alright in ring.. probably could be better without the health issues
  8. Yeah, even though his knee is in pretty bad shape he can still go in the ring in a good level, I'd rank him as good inside the ring I think. Can't compare him to anyone but I'd rank him well.
  9. He can work but his move set is awful and his matches are pretty much all the same at this point. I don't really like watching him wrestle anymore tbh. His falling splash finisher makes the cobra seem legit.
  10. After Bryan and maybe Punk.
  11. Yeah I've found his moveset tedious for years. He can still put on good matches though and put folk over well (even if it is Miz -_-)
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