Where does Shawn Michaels rank on your list for the best of all time.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 12, 2012.

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    He had many notable feuds with Bret Hart, Razor Ramon and Triple H amongst countless others. Each produced great matches and he's one of the few men to have gained a 5* rating under the WWE/F banner. Not to mention he won the match of the year award 11 times (93,94,95,96,04,05,06,07,08,09,10) I'm not saying people should invest too much into these achievements but he was putting on great matches all the time. So the question is where would you rank Shawn in a list of the greatest ever?
  2. In my eyes, he's third behind Flair and Undertaker.
  3. I honestly feel bad. I wasn't there to witness his career unfold before Elimination Chamber '03. I guess I never really saw him as the legend he truly is, and I never took time to go back.

    These are my 5 best in terms of most contributing to the advancement of WWE, not necessarily the most tenured.

    1.) SCSA (Defined Attitude Era)
    2.) John Cena (Defined PG and helped RA Era)
    3.) Hulk Hogan (Initially made WWF mainstream, defined golden era)
    4.) Undertaker (25 year vet, very well known and contributing.)
    5.) Shawn Micheals/Triple H (Both have been there throughout 3 eras, helped form the business as it is seen today.)
  4. In ring: The best I've seen
    All around: Top 10 at worst
  5. In ring performer: Best ever
    All around: Top 5, SCSA first by a mile.
  6. I wasn't around for a lot of these so my opinion is a bit baseless, but anyway..

    1.Stone Cold

    2.Hulk Hogan

    3.The Rock


    5.Shawn Michaels
  7. Best in-ring
    Best charisma
    Best preformance

    1- Hulk Hogan
    2- Stone Cold
    3- Shawn Michaels
    4- Undertaker
    5- Triple H
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