Where does The Undertaker go on the card?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Tag team match with Kane

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  2. Throw Kane and Undertaker in with Brock Lesnar

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  3. Filler match

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  1. Okay so we know that Reigns will face HHH at WrestleMania and Lesnar is all tied up with The Wyatts. The question now is where does The Undertaker go on the card? For the first time in his entire career, we there isn't a place for The Undertaker on the card for a feud and singles match. My guess is a tag team match with Kane with Luke Harper and either Erick Rowan or Braun Strowman. Either that or they throw Kane and Undertaker in with Brock and we have ourselves a Survivor Series repeat except this time, Lesnar's involved. It's not my ideal pick by any means but again, with Cena and Sting being out with injuries and Triple H/Reigns, Ambrose/Jericho, Owens/Styles, etc. being damn near locks, there's not really many other options.
  2. Undertaker / Kane -vs- Social Outcasts!
  3. I would say he will be facing Owens or Strowman. At this point most likely Strowman. Kane will probably be put in the Andre Battle Royale.

    Maybe there's even a chance that Taker could come to Brocks aid during his match with Bray. All the Wyatts start ganging up on Lesnar and then the lights go out, and Taker and Brock team up.
  4. Taker could be facing KO, unless KO winds up in a program with either Zayn or Styles.

    Other than that, I have no idea what he might be doing. I thought he was gonna face Cena, but Cena's injured, so that one's out the window.
  5. Maybe Cena's miraculous recovery powers will kick in once again and he'll return a lot sooner than anyone expects him to. If this happens anytime within the next three or four weeks, he could still work a program with Undertaker. Very doubtful, but possible.

    I have mixed feelings about the idea of him assisting Lesnar in his fight against the Wyatt Family. On one hand, I hate it because I think it fits Lesnar's character a lot more to take the fight to a gang of foes by himself and risk going down fighting like a warrior rather than feeling he needs someone else's help to get the job done. On the other hand, the Wyatts would get a hell of a credibility boost if they defeated a duo that consisted of The Phenom and The Beast, and Bray pinning the Undertaker to score the victory would both 'protect' Lesnar as well as give Wyatt himself a fantastic rub. I still see Brock being reluctant to team with anybody and I'm not sure how I'd feel about Taker's second loss at Wrestlemania being in a tag team match, but I still see the good that could come from the whole ordeal.

    Otherwise, I'd say doing a program with Kevin Owens seems most likely now assuming that KO doesn't work with Styles or Sami Zayn.
  6. When the news hit that Cena got injured and practically knocked out from Wrestlemania, my first thought regarding an opponent for the Undertaker was Rock. Now, we've gone through this and I am well aware of the clause with his insurance company and all but my argument is that if the Rock wants to wrestle, he'll fucking wrestle. This isn't JUST the biggest event of the year but potentially the biggest Mania ever so it's got to be at least tempting.

    If it ain't the Rock, well, there's a rumor about Braun Stromman. It's not like WWE have too many options anyway so as much as "meh" as it sounds, I guess I can see the logic if they indeed decide to go down that route...
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