Where does the US title go from here?

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  1. There is no doubt that when John Cena won the US title from Rusev earlier this year at Wrestlemania the credibility and value of the title dramatically increased. And when Seth Rollins took the title from Cena at Summerslam the titles credibility grew even higher. But where does the title go from here? Does Seth lose the title in a match only for the US title? Does the title get abolished/merged? or Does Sheamus cash in for the wrong title!? :booker2:

    Honestly I don't have a clue but on WWE Universe mode on wwe2k15 Orton has just become the US Champion.. Just saying:henry2:
  2. It's all up to the booking.

    WWE likes to use that 'The man makes the title' shtick.
    So, if Seth continues to be a cowardly heel champion like he's been so far [while being the WWE-WHC] and if he doesn't defend that title, then the US title will go back to being irrelevant.

    Personally, I'd love it if Rollins continued Cena's US open challenge thing, but that's just wishful thinking.
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  3. Right when Cena wins it back at night of champions the credibility will come right back to where it was, no harm no foul. It didn't really "increase" when it Rollins won it. Just because he's WWE world champion doesn't mean the U.S. Title all the sudden has more credibility because he cheated to beat Cena by using a pedigree on a chair. It'll remain the same as it has been, it's just on seths shoulder for a bit.

    Cena will win it back and, if anything, at that point it'll be even more credible than before. Cena not only lost it cheaply, but he now won it back against the WWE world champion. To keep its credibility high after this, Cena should face people like Dean and reigns for the belt. Or wyatts new "monster".
  4. He's more than likely gonna retire (which would be completely counter-productive) or lose it in a match with Cena, where he resumes the open challenge before finally dropping it to someone else, and ending the Cena for US Champ deal. Just a guess, don't expect this to actually happen.
  5. Maybe they'll steal a page out of the past by booking a triple-threat match between Seth Rollins, John Cena, and Sting with both championships on the line in two separate falls (the first fall being for the US Title, and the second fall being for the WWE Title, let's say), and they'll have Rollins lose both of his titles without even being pinned or submitted. The first fall sees Cena pin Sting to win the US Championship, and the second fall sees Sting pin Cena to win the WWE Championship.

    There was a scenario that played out just like this one at Wrestlemania XVI when Kurt Angle was forced to defend his Intercontinental and European Titles in a two-fall triple-threat match (against Benoit and Jericho) and he ended up losing both belts to both guys without being straight-up defeated himself. It's not something I wanna see happen with Rollins (particularly in regards to losing the WWE Championship to Sting), but it's a scenario worth thinking about.
  6. People actually thinking Sting is winning a major title in 2015......
  7. I certainly don't think it's the most likely scenario, but it's naive to think there's not a good chance of it happening.
  8. I don't think there's a chance of this happening. Sting is not the same special kind of attraction that Brock is in 2015, and he is not going to work a full road schedule. So putting the belt on a part timer like him has little to no return value.
  9. I don't think anyone believes he'd keep the title for any long term period. He'd most likely be cashed in on by Sheamus soon afterwards, maybe even on the very same night he wins it at NOC. It all depends on how soon they wanna turn Seth babyface and/or whether they actually still want to put the strap on Sheamus again and have him become The Authority's new selected one.
  10. I don't see it happening. WWE tends to hint at things before executing them more than they tend to swerve people. Orton being booted out of the Authority was teased for almost two months before it actually happened for example. Sheamus right now doesn't even have any affiliation to the Authority and they seem to be full on backing Seth on screen. And for such a big faceturn I think they would start teasing it to prep people.

    there were rumors of Sheamus getting his plates for the belt but those were shot down. I see Sheamus stealing the belt happening closer to mania season and Rollins reign going on for a while. They seem set on giving him a reign with a lot of accolades attached since Rollins is "Mr. First" (First NXT champ, first FCW grand slam, first NXT talent to win a major title in WWE, first to cach in during a match at mania, first dual us and heavyweight champ, first guy under 30 to main event a ppv in the new millenium alongside Ambrose etc). I could see them adding beating Sting to that list to be fair. Sting has enough legendary status to take being beat without there being backlash.

    There is more to lose in a Rollins loss than in a Sting loss the way I see it.
  11. I agree there's far more sense in keeping the strap on Rollins for the time being than not, I'm just not ruling a Sting victory out entirely. Regardless of all the ways they've built Rollins up, giving Sting a big win to have him get payback on The Authority for his loss earlier in the year (picture the look of disgust/horror on HHH and Stephanie's faces when they're forced to watch Sting hoisting the title up above his head in victory) just seems like something they would consider booking. Plus, after surviving Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Sting back to back, who else is there really to feud with to make a title run lasting till Wrestlemania interesting? Ziggler? Ryback (when he drops the IC Title)?

    I can't think of another legend or big name that they've brought in and then jobbed in their first two consecutive matches, can you? (They almost did with Brock Lesnar in 2012-13, but his clean victory over HHH at Summerslam meant a lot, as did the fact that he still controlled the matches he lost to Cena and HHH in such dominating fashion.)
  12. The only way sting is going to be the one who beat Rollins is if he loses right after to sheamus.