Where does this idea come from for a bad ass Daniel Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. People are screaming from the rooftops about this mythical gimmick he apparently portrayed in the past however it's just that a complete myth, the best Bryan Danielson is the one without a gimmick. That is how he spent the majority of his days throughout the independant scene, he never attempted to stand out like the arrogant Aries or psychotic Steen have done on the same stage. That was his greatest charm, he was someone who didn't require fireworks or colourful trunks, he was simply the best technical wrestler on the planet. Look at the most notable aspects of him, he sung along with the final countdown as a heel or face, he had till 5 as a heel or face he always obeyed the code of honor no matter what his allignment was.

    So 2 questions, why are people seemingly obsessed with "Bad ass Bryan"? Why do you feel this would be better than going back to his gimmickless self without offering him his signature mannerisms?
  2. If he had no gimmick in WWE, he would not get too far. WWE crowds are much different from independent crowds, but you know that. I haven't seen anyone obsess over it, but the "bad ass Bryan" that I've seen is pretty entertaining and I would much prefer that over the current comedy version (although that's hated on too much, he's great as it). By bad ass I mean the semi-edgy, arrive, kick ass, type Daniel Bryan. He wasn't really the badass, it's just a word to describe it.
  3. No gimmick in the WWE. :shock:
  4. By having no gimmick he has a gimmick, it's a conudrum I can't even bare to figure out how it works but it just does. I suppose technically the best wrestler in the world is the gimmick, it's could even be considered similar to Kurt's wrestling machine character. I honestly can't explain it but I really can see it taking off.
  5. I see your point, but it doesn't work like that. Having no gimmick results in Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. Bryan is amazing at portraying whatever character he has imo, and utilizing that creates maximum entertainment. Look at his run already. He was by far the most interesting NXT character during his short run (judging by crowd reactions). When he had no gimmick as a face, no one cared about him. He turned heel and instantly had reactions for the rest of his career. He loses in 18 seconds and becomes the most over guy in WWE, and now has the most popular catch phrase that went mainstream. He was shoved into some comedic tag-team, and that at one point was the most interesting period in WWE with arguably some of the most hilarious segments in a long long time.

    Characters work for him, but they can do better with what they give him.
  6. He had a gimmick as a face, he was the lovely vegan virgin. It was terrible but still a gimmick, he's outragous as can be in his current character which goes against everything he can be. He should be himself pumped up to 10, not someone playing a character. At the minute he's Hogan's level of outrageous rather than Brock Lesnar's grittier character for example.
  7. Can you call it a gimmick though? The only spotlight it got was Cole burying it on commentary. I'm all for him having a new gimmick, but I'm not all for him having none. Unless it was so painfully obviously none which results in itself being a gimmick (lol). Like the guy who turns up, beats the fuck out of you, cuts whatever promo he wants to, and then leaves. That type of guy -- himself -- would be dope.
  8. Yeah he needs to be stiffer in ring IMO, I'd build him as a shoot figher for a year ending with a clash against Brock at WM 30. I want him to codemn the WWE system for making him chant yes and no, I want him to be the anti superstar. Heyman had the best idea for him allowing him to run a trail of destruction before clashing with Kurt, yeah replace Angle with Lesnar and the build is perfect.

    I felt Bryan Danielson was credible beating Morishima
    I should feel Daniel Bryan can beat Ryback but I just don't.
  9. Completely agreed. His size in WWE probably holds him back, but I don't think it should. Even when he walks out with his comedy character I could easily believe he was billed as a tough guy, he has that sort of look. He reminds me of a tough UFC fighter.
  10. Maybe be can express badass-ness through hurting people with his submisson finisher and other submission holds. It's a start. That was how Paul Heyman said he would book him in TNA back in 2010. He said his way of build up to a Bryan/Angle match would be to debut Bryan and have him make everyone he faced tap out to his lebell lock finisher (I assume it was his finisher back then, I never saw any of work in ROH, and Heyman mentioned him having a submission hold for a finisher.) At the same time, he would debut a generic monster who squashed everyone. After a few months, the two would eventually meet with both of their undefeated streaks intact, and Bryan would make this generic monster tap out as well. He then would brag that no one can beat him, and then Kurt Angle's music hits and a rivalry begins, blah blah blah...

    Point is, making him some kind of submission god or whatever is a neat way to express intimidation of some kind for a guy his size (he's a vanilla midget.) But I wonder how hard he'd have to work to get that perception from the fans after the Yes chants and the gigantic beard that makes people chant Goatface.
  11. Well, particularly when I say badass, it's more to express a character that's not comedic or that crap from his first face run. And as Crayo said, his current gimmick is underrated by most, I for one think he plays it wonderfully and enjoy it overall, I think they're holding a more serious character back so they don't burn him out. But the "badass" Bryan may very well be his own character you pointed out, that'd be great as well.
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