Where does this leave... anyone?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Well, like the RAW title match the WHC match last night was a very good wrestling match. But, unlike the RAW title match we don't now where this leaves anyone. Sheamus won after pinning Jericho, is he now going to continue his feud with Orton? Where does this leave Jericho and ADR?
  2. Orton was the focus of the post match cameras with him staring down Sheamus. The two will feud mark my words. ADR and Jericho I have no idea. Jericho will go off to tour with Fozzy soon so he needs a reason to disappear.
  3. Sheamus will feud Orton probably. Don't know what will happen to Jericho or ADR.
  4. Orton heel turn? :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Could be. Right now, Randy is just being Randy. If anything, they should do a surprise heel from Sheamus. Have seen that happen before where two faces feud and the one you don't expect becomes the heel.
  6. I wouldn't mind that because Sheamus is much better as a heel. It's just Orton is boring as a face really. He can showcase his talents much better as a heel imo - plus, he's one of the best heels of all time. But he just can't get boo'd anymore :((
  7. For Orton to get booed again I think he would have to do something extreme. Considering that the most vocal who cheer him are women I think a woman would have to be involved in some way. Too bad Sheamus doesn't have a girl he can punt. Would give him heel heat if he did it with the obvious intent of doing it.
  8. I think he possibly could turn against Bryan or Punk maybe. He could turn the female casuals against him by taking out Cena too, but none of us want another repeat of their feud.
  9. I believe that they should turn Sheamus heel. He's not popular enough to be in the position he's in and he's gonna start getting boos almost as loud as Cena's IMO.
  10. Sheamus and Boreton will feud. As for ADR & Jericho I'm sure WWE creative is sitting around right now thinking the same thing. 'hmm what should we do with these guys...'

    Too early for Jericho to leave I think.. isn't the festival he is playing at scheduled in July?
  11. Not sure. He's on fire though. He's wrestling like he was a few years back. It's a shame he is leaving.
  12. Jericho said he was supposed to be gone already, but he's sticking around a little longer. I'm sticking to my theory that Orton will be the one to 'take out' Jericho and give him an excuse to leave for a couple of months. Then, he can return and began a feud with Orton at some point in the Fall.

    Speaking of which, I think it's obvious that Sheamus/Orton are feuding now. They were technically the main ones at each other's throats during the build to Over The Limit, and they had a PPV caliber match on Smackdown last week, so I expect them to now begin a full blown feud. Del Rio will likely get lost in the shuffle. Maybe Sheamus will defend and retain the WHC on an episode of Smackdown against Del Rio and then they'll cast him aside again (or they'll just have Orton crush him to become the #1 contender for the belt.)
  13. I thought about Orton taking him out but he's feuding with Sheamus now so it doesn't make sense. It'd be lazy booking to make it Orton yet again too.
  14. ADR looks like he'll take the Mark Henry at ER spot of "Well, he's not actually in a feud, but we'll book him like a big deal". Jericho will feud with a young talent (Tyson!), Jack and Dolph will continue to job, Sheamus, Orton, Punk, and Bryan will feud, Punk and Bryan will get more build, Show will be the conflicted follower just trying to keep his job, Cena will smile and forgive him while still acting like a jackass in his feud with Laurinatis. Otherwise, other than Brodus/Ryback/Tensai burying everyone nothing interesting will happen.
  15. That sounds wonderful. :upset:
  16. I think Wade Barrett is supposed to come back soon, isn't he?
    That's something to look forward to.
  17. Orton in heel-mode vs Punk sounds good to me. Destroying him time after time after Punk's matches.. legit.
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