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    I doubt any of you care, but I'm addressing it because I've had a few PM's asking me. I'm in the process of moving with my girlfriend but there are some issues. The apartment complex I am moving into hasn't finished being built yet which is only a convenience because I had no prior warning that this was going to be the case. I'm temporarily staying in this other shitty complex that has no internet, hence the inactivity. I can't go back to where I was previously living because all electricity is shut off for the majority of the day as the house is getting completely redecorated basically (before it goes up for sale). So, the only way I get any sort of good internet on a PC is when I'm over my girlfriends current house and her Mum hates me so I'm very rarely here.

    As for when I'll have internet, it could be any day. Could be tomorrow if they finish then, could be 2-3 weeks time. I appreciate all users filling in with thread-making while I'm away; you'll be getting some kind of award when I return full time.

    TLDR: no internet atm, stfu and read full story.

    Love you all, and I miss you :emoji_slight_frown:. Except Xanth, he smells. (jks, I love you the most Xanth)

    Quick edit: Testify will never be in charge while I'm away because he's a smelly poo-poo head.
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  2. Dully noted, I'm in charge while you're away. :testify:
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  3. Well thats a crap deal @Crayo. Good luck with that. Moving sucks in general, but when the place your trying to move to isn't even ready? Ugh that must really suck. On the bright side, when you move in it'll all be new right?
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  4. Yeah it'll be good when it happens. More freedom and with the Mrs. You're always so positive :emoji_slight_smile: <3 xx
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  5. I wish my wife could hear you say that, lol. She says I'm the negative nancy in our relationship, haha. Women.
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  6. Does she know about the forum? When do we get to meet her? Is she nice? Will she like us?ban xanth.is she friendly?
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  7. Yeah she does. She has spoken to Ryan before on Skype I think, and text.
  8. Gotta watch lacky, he'll move in on her.
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  9. Booo,you suck. Seriously though,good look with the move.
  10. @Coon where do I put the kegs?
  11. Kegs!? Whats in em?

  12. Albin is such a pimp. Also congrats on moving in with your right hand, hope its all awesome when you get interwebs installed.

    Now where's this keg?
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  13. Hmm wha? I've never spoken to her. Ryan is my name..soo yeah. Wait, giving out too much information here. Forget what you all read.
  14. #neverforget #ryanNov2013
  15. Who..who's Ryan? :ksi:
  16. Good luck...but Testify should really be in charge :sad:
  17. Coon, why is there a big dumpster in the staff section? It wasn't there yesterday.
  18. I told you I was taking down the #Crayluminati and none of you believed me. Solidus, I'm coming for you nigga!
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  19. @Crayo just wanted to remind you that those nudes of your gf you sent me were broken images and I'm still waiting for you to fix the link so I can see them
  20. Maybe she actually looks like a broken image link?
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