Kayfabe Where I been and where I'm going.

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    *A car pulls into the backstage of Precision and out steps Chris Young with a look of contempt as he walks into the backstage area greeting everyone which is very unlike him and Chris Is stopped for an interview which he accepts reluctantly.*

    interviewer: Chris First off welcome back and second how do you feel about being drafted by Buster Gates?

    *As the interviewer puts the microphone in front of Chris and he looks down and sighs and looks back and begins to speak in a cocky yet also serious tone.*

    Chris: Well to be drafted by a guy I had wars with and a guy I see as one of the best around is fine.
    There is this think they showed me back in japan and back were I wrestled in the US and that is you work for respect and when you don't get that respect after carrying a company on you back and they look over you time after time you go somewhere they respect you. Now I'm back to take what was mine the world championship I was Mr.Money in the Bank before but due to injury I had to vacate it. Good job to the winner of the new money in the bank he better make sure he holds on to it like I hold on it like his life depended on it. Back on point, I'm kind bummed I was not picked faster I see as a slap in the face to my past matches no matter what I put on a show win or lose I always gave my all and the day I win any belt will show that I will always give me all, in that ring.Everyone thinks I'm all talk yeah I can talk but I also can wrestle like the amazing guy I am and If I have to show the world all over again I will!

    *Chris Takes a moment to collect himself and he signals for the interview to continue.*

    interviewer: Ok Chris, You are set to face The Scat and with the history you two have and what does mean for your comeback?

    *Chris Laughs as he takes the microphone from the interviewer pushes them out of the way and moves to the center of the camera.*

    Chris: Yeah I have beaten Scat before so I'm going into this fight ready to go and win or lose I will show everyone here
    and everyone watching that I Am Chris Young and I am rebuilt,retrained and still amazing.
    And just like everyone else bleeding this business all their life like I do will know why when I step into that ring I will shine brighter than any diamond and you can and will see that in my match and no disrespect to our European champion but look our match in the history books and just like Scat this week and like anyone who faces me you will bow down when I drive my boot into your skull and stomp you back to the stone ages. I am going to show the world I’m here to make a name and show this is not a joke and I’m going to blow the doors off of this place and one match just one match is all I need to show that I'm the future of this place and so help me god this will be m time. Now I'm not saying I'm going to win but I will make the match amazing and no one can't take that away and if you try to, I will beat the living hell out of you and that's a fact and you can't beat that it's just life and it's amazing.

    *Chris Drops the mic and storms off and the camera stays on the shocked face of the interviewer.*
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