Where in the world is Dolph Ziggler?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Dude hasn't been on a show for weeks now..

    Commentary booth at HIAC.....You serious?

    Heard some stuff about backstage heat but the man clearly deserves his spot on shows..

    Your opinions?
  2. He's on Smackdown selling WWE.com merch,seriously.
  3. He's already kicked down to do that..

    Oh ffs...:upset:
  4. Triple H brought him the shovel, that's what happened.
  5. Yeah something must've upset someone backstage cause I've never seen a more blatant burial.
  6. He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut apparently.
  7. Ziggler > WWE and they are upset that he is such a boss. I won't watch their shitty shows until he starts to get proper treatment again.
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  8. You will and you'll be in the discussion for it too. Let's not lie
  9. oh please. 10 years ago speaking out would have gotten a rocketship attached to his back. Nowadays wrestlers are all pussies and they run the shit like its a little league soccer team. fuck WWe man. who wants to watch a bunch of boring yes men wrestlers? Wrestling needs guys like Ziggler who are larger than life characters. Its wtf wrestling is missing in 2013
  10. yea, totally, find me posting in a discussion thread over the past 4 months. please
  11. Oh I can, but will I....:nope:
  12. Last LD I was in was Summerslam. I haven't watched a full ep of Raw since before that...
  13. I'm not saying don't have an opinion. But you gotta be able to chose your battles, especially in todays media climate and how easy it is for fans to get "backstage views" with social media. And if the company starts butting into what you are saying, know how to back yourself up and but heads back proper.
  14. Let's face it. Ziggler's quotes were all done so that WE were speculating if they were story line or a shoot. So if the fans can't even tell if he is in character or not hwo the fuck is the company going to bury him over it? Its petty bullshit and you know it
  15. It feels like you've been in a few Raw discussions but then again I havent been around in a while so I could be wrong
  16. I work on Monday nights dude
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Hopefully this will all blow over and eventually this can turn into a storyline sparking his push.
  19. I'm wondering if this is a part of a storyline, like targeted towards the smarks because before his disappearance he did have some interaction with "The Authority"
  20. Its all a possibility but for me to believe that I would have to have faith that WWE somehow not only has interest in booking ZIggler but long term thought out booking and I just can't suspend disbelief long enough to consider it a truly viable scenario.
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