Where in the world is ... ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by army_george, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. This is a thread to try and locate some past superstars that have just gone missing. Please add supertars and/or a superstars whereabouts as you see fit.
    Ima start it off by asking
    Where in the world is The brian kendrick?
    So So talented yet i have not heard anything from him in a while
  3. i thought it was the same guy all the way through?
    i cant tell the difference

  4. NO!! the new kane is fat the old kane was much better!!
  5. are you serious?
    just because he is fat doesnt mean hes a different guy
    billy kidman used to be skinny

  6. oh please! the old kane was so much better in the ring! look at the moves he used to do compared to the fat loaf who plays kane now!

  7. same guy from debut to now
  8. the old kane was burnt in a fire an his face was covered in permanent burns.. how do you explain how the person who plays him now doesn't have a burnt face?
  9. are you actually being serious?
  10. Yes, he really was burnt.

    There was a funeral home called Death Valley owned by The Undertaker's parents. When Kane and The Undertaker were children, The Undertaker "accidentally" burned down the funeral home, killing their parents and hideously scarring Kane both physically and mentally.
  11. soo he was burned in a storyline?
    im telling you he is the same guy
  12. you dont understand :upset:
  13. apparently not
  14. Kayfabe lives! :facepalm1:
  16. Luke Gallows is apparently running around beating down Sting and Hogan.
  17. where in the world is chris benoit
  18. Where's Eddie Guerrero?
  19. Where's randy savage?
  20. Pedobear is trolling the crap out of this thread.

    If he didn't return last week I would have said where is Rikishi.
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