Where is ''Showtime'' Percy Watson?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Where is he? Still on NXT?

    The man was pretty talented and could work really well in the ring. Was a big fan of his when I first saw him.

    Really liked his work. He is quite big, very athletic, has a good move-set, can work with different weight classes (just look how he picked up Titus), is charismatic and has a pretty good look.

    Such a shame..
  2. Hopefully on his way out.
  3. tagging with Yoshi on NXT
  4. Dole Queue hopefully.
  5. Yeah, I'm wondering too... I miss seeing him. :downer:
  6. :why:
  7. Still on NXT.
  8. Crayo, R'Albin.. WHY?
  9. This. So far this season he's only been job fodder, taking a KO and an obvious Ascension squash.

    He seems like one of those guys WWE will love since he has plenty of charisma, but creative will turn stale pretty easily. But it seems WWE don't even like the guy, really disappointing tbh
  10. He is really talented and has tons of charisma i don't see how anybody could not like this guy...other than him being...erm well :silva:

    Most in the iwc are against the ''color'' sort of speak.
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