Where is the buzz?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. This isn't my usual this place sucks thread. It has a purpose. I'm interested in what ISN'T drawing people in right now? Rock is champ, Brock killed Vince, Jericho returns.. the Rumble has passed and we are well on the way to Mania.. but the buzz doesn't seem to be anything like it was the past two years.

    So what is the problem.
  2. RE: This section is dead

    Raw is dead .
    Smackdown is almost dead.
    The WWE is almost dead.
    However I expect an awesome build for WM
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    Maybe because we know it's building towards two rematches (Rock/Cena, HHH/Brock) that we already know the outcome of.
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    Definitely a big part of it.
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    What are you smoking?
  6. Agree with Lockard, way too predictable.
  7. 3 hours, too much shit we don't need to see on tv.
  8. For me particularly, Rock being the champ isn't exactly something that'd get me talking (positively), but yeah we'd normally be trying to predict stuff but we already know what's happening.
  9. Well when the main events involve two part timers who aren't going to be there every week it's going to die down. Aside from the main events there isn't really a srong rivalry in the midcard, tag, and divas divisions as usual. Plus I haven't seen a really good segment from anyone really, so it's pretty dull.
  10. Yeah pretty much the obviousness of the entire thing and what's going to happen is keeping me uninterested. Most of us predicted everything that has happened so far right after Summerslam. If Taker appears then I might be a little more enthusiastic though.
  11. Pretty much this, Rock needs to start building the obvious rivalry between him and Cena/Punk otherwise it won't draw any more viewers.
  12. It's really not about it being too predictably for me although that certainly doesn't help. I mean, take Undertaker's Mania matches, I've never once believed Taker had a chance of losing the streak since I started watching but that doesn't mean I didn't get excited when Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at Mania XXV was announced (or it when it became apparent that it was happening).

    The problem for me is that the direction they are heading to holds absolutely zero interest for me. I don't care for The Rock as WWE Champ, but I'd be more accepting (for lack of a better word) of it had he won it for any other reason than to drop it Cena, like a bout with Dolph Ziggler (I really wanted to see Rock vs. Ziggler at Mania, I can dream). Brock Lesnar leading to a Triple H match doesn't interest me. Jericho's returning is always a good thing, but it's not enough to get me watching. I've checked out what he's been doing and it's definitely not enough to get me interested. They've finally aligned The Shield with Heyman/Punk, something I've been against from the get-go, and they're heading towards their first lost and eventually break up already (though I suppose they could stay around for longer, but I don't really see them lasting past Mania season - might just be pessimistic here). Considering they were what I considered the most exciting/interesting thing about WWE for quite some time, I'm not exactly thrilled about either of those two.

    Outside of that stuff, what is there to get excited for? Mark Henry? Sorry, but my opinion on him hasn't changed just because WWE finally figured out how to book him. He's still as entertaining in the ring as he was prior to his monster heel push, and that was nothing to get excited for. That's not to say I think he's horrible by the way. Cesaro? They're booking him well but it's a pretty much slow book up to prominence. Which is good and the right way to go about it, however on it's own it doesn't justify me spending time watching the whole program or getting excited for. Bo Dallas? Haha, no. Dallas is awful. The Cara/Rey match if it's still going through does interest me. Obviously when Dolph becomes the World Champion I'm bound to be excited. Until that happens though, I just don't care about anything going on in WWE.
  13. I think the fact that everything that is being done, bar Jericho, is so bloody obvious that any of us on this forum could have written it. There's nothing happening that makes you think "Wow...I didn't see that coming!"
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    This is exactly why I'm not very excited for Wrestlemania. It seems far too predictable and it's hard to get excited for something you can already predict the outcome for.
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