Where is the real WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheWweSoul, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Ok,so i am new here,this is my 1st post but i had to do it! I can't stand around and do nothing while every day WWE is going more and more away! I feel like looking at a cheap imitation of the MONA LISA by John Doe! Where is the real WWE? Where is Vince?!?! The real VINCE! Not the money hungry poster boy! I have experienced the end of the ATTITUDE ERA because i'm young but still,i know who is Stone Cold,The Rock,Heart Break Kid,HHH,Rick Flayer Jericko! I can really say that i am part of the WWE Universe! I had seen every show for about 3+ years now and i can sincerly say that i am dissapointed!

    Simple math people! What do we have today? We have John Cena,CM Punk and.....The Cobra? Broski? Hell no!!! Guys,girls,come on ! Is this the real WWE that we sign on? No way! We,the real fans hang on a thread and still hope that one day there will be a revolution,a real WWE HOLY SH!T MOMENT!

    Let's think about it for a second! We had Stone Cold...gone now,we had The Rock...gone now,We had Shean Michaels...gone now, We had the Undertaker...gone now,We had Mankind...gone now and so on! What do we have now? Marella! Brodus Clay! Zack Rider and so on! Now i am from eastern europe where we still know how a man should really look like! Granted this superstars that i mentioned earlyer are cool and charismatic,but still...no way we can compare them to the real WWE superstars like The Rock or Stone Cold!
    There is no more "interference" where the Dudley Brothers would just go in a match and waste everything in sight!

    Please,as a WWE lifetime fan i BEG you to think about it! For one moment think about this : Dolph Ziggler the Heavy Weight Champion with Cody Rhodes the number one contender! The Big Show setting the pace in WWE RAW and K.O. everything in sight,The Miz is the wild card showing up at the right time in the righ place,John Cena turning BAD and just taking it all out on everyone in sight, CM Punk fighting blood and bone for regaining the glory he lost and Daniel Brian going from crazy to psichotic and just cleaning everything is sight! A waste land where no one is certain,huge unexpected matches and interference,TOTAL ANARCHY! Is it written somewhere that the Attitude Era is gone? Hell no,now is the time for epic matches,epic turn arounds,epic HOLY SHIT moments! There is no limit for the WWE but the limit the leaders set!

    Go for the top,go for history,real history,do it! It can be done! Stop hanging to the old ones,stop this nonsence,put an end to it all and start the 2012 revolution! Crash cars,waste stores,use tanks like DX,show us what we deserve! Take it to the NEXT LEVEL! The real NEXT LEVEL! Make our bones chill again with the entrence of an epic superstar in a WWE Championship match!

    I have to admit one thing! I say this from the bottom of my heart! I was just EXTREMLY extatic when Dolph Ziggler won the money in the bank,he is the real WWE Champion,come on think about it! Look at his maches! He really loves it! He is the one superstar that is willing to shed blood for it all! I love him just because he gives all he has to give for the bussiness! I see in him what i have seen last in the attitude era! and that is real love for what he does! Guys,Girls, lets be the next big thing,write history,make history!
    There is much more to be said for Sheamus who is a real Champion and also the comeback of 619 and others! Let the REVOLUTION BEGIN! It begins with you! Let WWE crush everything else and go for GODLIKE status!

    I know its alot to real but it is worth our while! give it a shot!
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  2. Who's Shean Michaels?
  3. Shawn Michaels,im sorry but i am from Eastern Europe im not an american,my mistake forgive please!
  4. I understand the post but you're comparing the wrong superstars. You should be comparing Rock, Austin and Michaels to the likes of Cena, HHH (who's still here), Punk, Bryan, Orton etc. I could easily say we have Dolph now but years ago we had doink the clown.

    Anyway, WWE is a different product now. We can only hope it becomes more edgy once Linda and Vince gtfo.
  5. Edgy isn't even what WWE needs. They just need more competent booking, to push the right guys, and to not water everything down so much. All of this can be easily done without cursing and tits and other things people blindly associate with the AE and thus a good product.
  6. You are right,we have real stars here that deserve our respect,but still...they can do better,they can give us the " jump off the couch yelling OMG OMG and the girlfriend looking at us like are you drunk?" i just love that!


    Another great point! We must press on with this kind of thinking! Great job !
  7. You misunderstood my "edgy" post, well, looking back I think I used the wrong word. I'm normally the one saying what you have just said.

    WWE needs fresher gimmicks (although they've improved drastically this year in that department), competent storylines and no fillers. Use all superstars and build more than one feud.
  8. Yea we're on the same page then; I know we've had this conversation on this site before and I always revert back to WCW in their heyday (96-97). They were PG, didn't have slutty diva matches or storylines (until maybe the Nitro girls came out later), they weren't using curse words, they weren't putting on hardcore flaming tables matches or any of that shit. They had an awesome roster with a perfect balance of amazing workers on the undercard (Mysterio, Jericho, Eddie, Malenko, Juventud, ect ect) A nice tag division (Harlem Heat, Outsiders, Steiners) and great storylines in the main event for their awesome talents.
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  9. Just +1 no comment great post !
  10. bump! come on ppl! join the revolution,make things happen!
  11. Fuck the anarchy, car crash TV bores the living day lights out of me. All I want is a well built product, I don't care for random moments I want logical. I want long term feuds. The weapon shots and blood were the dressing over what really made the Attitude Era, a good fucking logical story. The company cared enough to build the show so you know what? So did I. Swerve me to high heaven just please explain yourself after, don't expect me to fucking ignore it.
  12. WWE is losing it's essence, it's turning into an unorganized freak show. The poster is right, you need to start making some changes and bring back the good old unexpected events and bring some superstars with a good back story and a thoroughly created character.

    I hope this post will be read carefully by the WWE management team, you need to start making changes by looking at the past, you're losing fans and the ones that are still watching are not as entertained as they used to be. Wake up and stop ruining this awesome sport!
  13. I think you've got the wrong end of the stick. We're a wrestling fan forum, we're not representatives of WWE and none of us work for them.
  14. That's not the 1st time that's happened now 0_o
  15. I have a faint recollection of that happening before.. I can't recall the details but remember it being pretty funny.
  16. Can we not have a bit of fun and play a wind up game by going along with the idea we are?:haha:
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  17. I think it was someone trying to get WWE to come to their country lol.
  18. It has happened before but I can't remember where the post it. Damn.

    Cruel bastard! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  19. Would have been funny though, just a shame that you ruined it already eh Scrooge? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  20. YES. That was it!
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