Where is WWE going with 'The Shield'

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Vince McMahon, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. I think initially it's a great idea. The Shield seemed to take the fans and viewers by surprise everytime they came out half way through a match etc to beat up the superstars. I'm just wondering where this whole idea is going? I mean, I switched on the show this past week and yeah, Shield ended up on the worst end of it this time, but still nothing too exciting and different to what usually happens..

    Are they going to become superstars? Or eventually just disappear? Just wondered your speculations on this / maybe I am missing something..
  2. They will probably be going up against Orton, Ryback & Sheamus at Wrestlemania, and then they will book the split angle. They will be superstars afterwards, that's almost a guarantee when you see the three wrestlers, they're very talented.

    WWE have dragged out this "Are they associated with Punk?" stuff for too long, and I think they have dropped the ball by not giving Shield mic time on every single RAW. but I'm still optimistic.
  3. They'll become superstars, ofc. I think they'll have their first big loss at WM and then after a while they'll end up breaking up.
  4. Now that's a match I'd like to see. Yeah they do seem pretty cool. The outfits aren't bad at all and in the outside world I hate 3 on 1 fights but they pull off this 'pack fighting' in such a slick way it looks cool.

    I do agree, the WWE have dragged it out a bit long, great idea, great characters - they just need to move on to the next chapter.
  5. I see the feuding with Ryback up until mania and splitting up after it, possibly with Ambrose going solo and Rollins & Reigns going tag team. I think they'll have Reigns and Rollins turn face of course if they're going to split with Ambrose. I know Rollins can do it and I think Reigns can while keeping his demeanor.

    If not that then it could turn into where The Shield has a rivalry with each other for a while. It would be interesting to see a triple threat feud, haven't seen that in a while...at least not a good one.
  6. I think after Punk loses the title they're gonna make him show his true colors and publicly acknowledge The Shield's affiliation with him, officially forming a top heel stable with them. Punk was great when leading The Nexus a couple of years back despite the not-so great booking, I can see this stable of Punk/Heyman and The Shield going somewhere. Eventually they'd have to break up the stable, I think Reigns turning on Punk and becoming a face is a possibility, he has that Batista-like look that the WWE likes. Ambrose and Rollins continuing as a heel tag team after it would be pretty damn good, they'd dominate the tag division as the top heels and they'd have a lot of competition if the tag team division would still be on a roll then.

    A little off-topic but I don't see Punk turning face anytime soon, in fact I see him retiring a heel since I remember reading an interview of his where he talked about doing commentary and still being part of it after his wrestling career is over which he always teases is coming sooner rather than later.
  7. They need to stop the "are they aligned with Punk" angle and let them move into a more legitimate feud with Ryback. Then have more mic time and expand the characters and their motivation. They will all 3 be superstars. They are too talented and over to not succeed. Ambrose has mic skills which can carry him anywhere, Rollins is finding his voice and his ring skills to take him to the top and Reigns has tons of potential.
  8. Yea the stuff with "Are they with Punk?" is getting old, I just want them to have more mic time and wrestle more matches..

    Lets just hope WWE doesn't drop the ball with them, and book them right the way they should be booked, but they are obviously splitting after WM.
  9. They will be as big as evolution. Then they'll eventually break up and go their separate ways.
  10. I think The Shield will eventually disband and they'll become superstars. However, right now, there's still a lot of mystery surrounding them. Although it's already suspected that they're associated with CM Punk and when CM Punk loses his title it might be out in the open. Once it's out in the open we might see more of them taking orders directly from CM Punk and that will be a different angle for them. Eventually I see them being put into individual matches and disbanding at one point.
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