Where my atheists at?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. Any other atheists here fucking loathe funerals? I cannot suspend disbelief and pretend my homeboy is up in heaven smiling down on me ya dig? I've never had the heart to actually tell someone that, but today so damn many people were like "oh he's watching over you" and I just grin and nod my head like a fucking idiot. Anyhow, just awkward. I'm also a little drunk from the post funeral life celebration party thing so fuck this thread anyway. it just bugs me. and I'm honestly pretty fucking jealous of the people that believe they'll just fucking die and see all their dead loved ones like "oh hey heaven huh? this shits pretty fly!".

    Pointlessly going into detail because I just feel like typing thoughts somewhere. The dude that passed was a massive part of my life from around the ages of 4-16. His wife was friends with my Mom and he became like a 2nd Father to me and we hung out constantly. When I was 16 he and his wife had a bit of a falling out with my Moms and me and I basically didn't talk to him for 6+ years. Then he was there for me at my Dad's funeral and we spent the day together, and I thought we would be close again, but I didn't put any effort into it and I essentially didn't talk to him again... and now he is dead and I feel like such a jackass. I always assumed he would be apart of my life again at some point and now he never will be.

    what a fucking swerve where I took this thread based on the title. Sorry faggots, drunk emotional pussy D'Z in the building and you can learn to deal wit it.

    strange thing is there was this cute ass girl at the party I had never seen and I think I'm like... crushing. wtf. D'Z doesn't crush. I am chalking it up to my overly emotional state.

    lol fuck this thread. I'm not even sure why I bothered typing this shit up, no way I'm actually going to hit the create thread butto

    edit: goddammit
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  2. Mixed emotions is always normal when dealing with death. Regret, sorrow, anger and longing are all that usually comes when a death happens. Sounds like you are still in pain, and of course...well drunk. Think you should just head to bed, but just my opinion.
  3. Doubt I'll sleep tonight. Rolling a fat blunt as we speak doe
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  4. Weed doednt knock you out? All my bests sleeps were either when my parents are gone or when I wasd high lol
  5. sounds like you smoke indica. I try to stick with sativa. And honestly usually alcohol makes me tired but I've too much on my mind to sleep any time soon
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  6. I love you D'Z! BIG HUGS!

    Thought I'd maybe take the nurturing route.... ummm... yeah.
  7. I get that feeling, lol.
    People be like, "God bless you!" and I'm like, "yeah."
  8. I really think I'm just bitter than I don't have anything to take solace in during times like this whereas religious folk actually believe someone is now watching over them and they'll see them again. For me its like no, nobody will ever see him again. Just like some day you will die and ain't nobody gonna see your ass again.

    sorry, not trying to offend any religious peeps
  9. outa my thread junior
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  10. I understand. I don't want to knock down anyone's religion, so I usually play along with them. I don't really understand how someone is watching over you. Like, do you expect me to believe that my grandparents, god, jesus, whatever are watching me jack off or something? And when I die, I will show up in a mystic land called heaven where all the good people are? Sounds something like Christmas. If you're good, you get a present. If you're bad, coal.

    Don't buy it.
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  11. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of people in heaven being forced to spend their days watching me crank it out into a tube sock, but I'm just not buying it.
  12. I don't talk religion/beliefs on the Internet. My beliefs are mine, yours are yours. I may disagree but i won't say anything. Is what should be said IMO
  13. This thread is about atheists dealing with loss compared to religious people. at least it was before it spiraled into an emotional dumpster fire

    I really don't care what anyone believes. believe in a flying spaghetti monster if you so choose
  14. No one is trying to preach another religion or perspective on you. lol
    You don't have to, but if you're willing to, do so.
  15. I never said that was happening, lol
  16. How i deal with deaths,
    1. Lay in shock
    2. Think
    3. Get over it
  17. No offense bro but I'm dealing with some shit a little rougher than Ultimate Warrior passing. how I deal with deaths? step 1 I'ma spark dis bleeeeeeeeeeeeez. I'll let you know step 2 as I get to it
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  18. I saw my grandfather die in front of me, but I wasn't really sad or anything. This was when I was six, so that's probably why.
  19. I saw a skunk die in front of me, i didn't cry and i was 15 #mature :adr:

    Just joking off your post, not trying to make you look stupid. As some people believe i try to with a burning passion
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