WrestleMania Where should wrestlemania 30 be held?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lackin, Aug 11, 2012.

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Witch one and stadium

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  1. UK and Wembley about 95,000 fans

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  2. Michigan USA Silverdome

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  1. where and which stadium 70,000 fans or more only

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  2. Chicago bitch, have it at the soldier field.
  3. Cowboy's.
  4. Wembley. Would be able to fit around 100k under a roof, would be incredible.

    Bias aside I think it should be held in MSG though, where it all began IMO.
  5. My backyard.
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  6. My opinion is wembley in UK :yes:
  7. @[Big Hoss Rambler] and myself believe it should be held in Michigan. Then we don't have to pay for a flight or much gas, and we can spend money on just the ringside seats and Wrestlemania Axxess.
  8. Pontiac Silverdome. Holds up to 100k people.
  9. I thought it only held 90K max?
  10. I rather have pontiac than Wembley.
  11. Exactly.
  12. Wouldn't Wembley cause some time zone issues?
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  13. so does america for us in the uk
  14. Re: RE: Where should wrestlemania 30 be held?

    We aren't the target audience however, the US is their main money maker.
  15. but still you cant not deny that the time in the uk for ppvs is stupid
  16. It is stupid but I can understand why they do it.
  17. y:dafuq:
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