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Mustafa Ali is a ridiculously talented pro wrestler. Yet for some reason, he’s not getting any television time this year.

Once known as the Heart and Soul of 205 Live, Ali was moved over to the SmackDown roster in December 2018 where he had his debut match against the heel WWE champion, Daniel Bryan. Ali made quite an impression that night in defeat, and one week later he actually pinned Bryan with his 054 finisher in a tag team match. There was no doubt that Ali’s future in WWE looked promising.

In late January 2019, he was officially booked into the Elimination Chamber match for Bryan’s WWE championship, but suffered multiple injuries in the weeks leading up to the pay-per-view, which took him out of the equation. Ali did return in time for Fastlane in March to challenge for Bryan’s WWE championship.

And that was pretty much the end of his push. The rest of his 2019 included losing his first name, failing to secure a Money in the Bank briefcase because he was too busy staring at Brock Lesnar, regaining his first name, and then wrestling some tag team matches late in the year alongside the wrestler formerly known as Chad Gable.

Now here we are, roughly six weeks into 2020, and Mustafa Ali is nowhere to be seen. His last televised match on SmackDown took place in Dec. 13, where he and Shorty G lost against The Revival. According to his match listing at CageMatch, Ali’s schedule in 2020 has included several dark matches on Friday nights with opponents such as Drew Gulak, Apollo Crews, and Curtis Axel.

Raw has consistently been featuring younger talent and/or fresh faces like Aleister Black, (Buddy) Murphy, Andrade, Humberto Carrillo, Liv Morgan, Authors of Pain, Drew McIntyre, and the Viking Raiders. SmackDown’s been featuring dog food. Surely there must be some available time on the broadcast to afford to someone as talented as Mustafa Ali, right?

When do you think we’ll see Mustafa Ali wrestling on television again, Cagesiders?

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