Where the hell are the divas?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. It seems that the Divas are getting matches on either WWE Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam, ?or just pre-show dark matches while not appearing on neither RAW, SmackDown, or WWE Main Event (the Royal Rumble ?PPV had no Divas match, either). Your thoughts?
  2. WWE dropping the ball. Sucks actually , thought we were having a AJ vs Kaitlyn feud :okay:
  3. Probably in some magical place were people care about them. At least Kaitlyn shows up in some weird love angle with Cody.
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  4. I'm hoping they're waiting for post WM to revamp the division with the girls from NXT and a few new signings (like the Rosita rumour).
  5. They know their diva division sucks, so why risk the rating drop and put them on Raw and Smackdown. I think when Kaitlyn and the rest of the divas are ready they'll be brought back. Either that or they're just bringing new divas in. It would be nice to see a divas invasion angle with the current divas vs the divas they bring in.
  6. The company is showing how little they care about developing the Divas division based on its current standing. I'm not sure what bringing the new talent from NXT is going to do if they don't invest enough time in developing proper rivalries, quality matches, and storylines for them. Just like the rest of the Divas their talent will be wasted and ultimately be reduced to the eye candy of the WWE Universe. It's a shame since they've all trained to be great wrestlers too but they aren't being taken seriously at all.
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  7. They lost 2 of their best workers in the latter part of last year, they need to replace that talent. Bringing in Paige and a couple of other girls beefs up the roster, and presents new feud opportunities.
  8. And he is not talking about Kelly. Just to clear that up to any poor unfourtunate soul thinking that.
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  9. :lol1: Yes, I speak of course of Eve and Beth Phoenix.
  10. I was hoping for the Diva's to have their own show.
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  11. Women wrestling doesn't make money. The only way for women to make money in this industry is to sell sex. Just sad facts of life
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  12. I understand that's probably why they're not being booked on Raw and Smackdown for matches but even when they had Eve and Beth Phoenix the storylines were lackluster. It's not like the feuds are going to improve overnight just because they bring in new talent. First of all the company has to develop some interest in creating quality feuds for the Divas in the first place. They should want to generate interest in it regardless of who they have if they care enough about the division.
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  13. Which is why they're letting the other girls develop on NXT for now, there are only 4 girls I can think of on the main roster, how many feuds can you have? After the younger girls are ready in the eyes of management, they could come up as an Nexus type faction with Paige in the role of Barrett, to take on the regular girls. An easy way to introduce a bunch of new people at once and transition them into main feuds.
  14. It is all about who they have. Remember Kharma? She received a lot of tv time before that went bad.
  15. No, WWE already has like 5 shows a week as is. I say bury the division, and have them manage, work for the company, or be ring girls. :phew:
  16. [​IMG]

    Only 7 out of these 15 are still under contract and I never see Nattie, AJ, or Aksana wrestle anymore.
  17. With WM right around the corner, they are focusing on feuds/matches that people care about. Not many people take the Divas seriously anymore and Vince knows this. My guess is we will see more Divas matches after WM.
  18. Do you think this may end up with face Cody?

    But on topic, well, no one cares about them anyway. I, personally, didn't even notice they weren't there.
  19. That's what I am thinking.
  20. Ive heard rumours that Divas may be done apart from being managers etc.... Phasing them out apparently.
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