Where the hell have I been?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Stopspot, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Relax kiddos. Papa bear is back. And I am here to explain my absence.

    So last Saturday (the 23rd) I packed up my bags to move back to my hometown to start my internship lasting throughout June. Since my parents have moved out of said hometown I am currently staying in my grandfather's house, renting his top floor basically. I have gotten a new apartment now but I cannot move in until April 1st at the earliest since it is being remodeled and completely renovated. My grandfather only has mobile internet and I couldn't get any either until my residence registration (which I had to do since I moved such a long way) was fully completed which it was this Friday (the 1st). Got my mobile internet today so I am back in swing now (once I move into my apartment I'll be back on real internet). I've been able to download the wrestling shows to my external at my grandmother's place but not been on long enough to check in here.
    I'll also be on at work during the days as well so no real change in my activity.

    As for what I have been doing during my exile?
    - Hung out with two best friends from back home.
    - Drove a lot of car.
    - Watched the cross country ski world cup.
    - Watched a ton of TV (Grandpa has tons of channels)
    - shaved my 6 year old cousins head (Ever tried shaving a toddler that doesn't want to sit still due to it tickling?)
    - renewed my cellphone plan and am getting a new phone (HTC one-X) by doing so. Should arrive in 5 days
    - Watched PWG Failure to Communicate 2012
    - PWG DDT4 2012
    - ROH GLory By Honor XI
    - Wrestlemania 23
    - A season of Futurama
    - CM Punk vs Samoa Joe trilogy (PM me once I am on a stable line if you want)
    - Best of the American Dragon Bryan Danielson DVD
    - Evolve 8, Style Battle,
    Evolve 10, Tribute to the arena (last ever wrestling show in the ECW arena)
    - DGUSA Mercury Rising 2012, Open the ultimate Gate 2012 and Open the Golden Gate 2012
    - Played Batman Arkham City from beginning to end. 100% it now.
    - Probably something I forgot.

    Missed you all but now I am back.
  2. I missed you the most babycakes :kiss:
  3. TLDR, but welcome back jack. :hogan:
  4. Long too read didn't
  5. :lol1: I read it. Very cool about everything you got to watch, and getting 100% on Arkham City, too. Welcome back! Hope all goes well with your internship!
  6. How do you drive a lot of car.
  7. Old Buicks and Oldsmobiles are a lot of car to drive.
  8. Leave a bit at home?
  9. We have a lot of foreign exchange student's in this time of year, as the last few weeks are moving in, and an obvious Stopspot came in looking for a plate of meatballs for a party. I seriously almost pissed myself giggling at how @Stopspot compares in the way he speaks with this man. I'm glad you're back dude, hope the move went safe and sound.

    As for you @Seabs , :obama: good answer.
  10. Dont you still drive a horse and buggy where you are? I assumed the mustache was to let people know you are down on conceal and carry.
  11. That's just what I want you think :notamused:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. It's a beard as well sir, I would not just have a moustache :willis:
  14. [​IMG]
    @"senhor perfect"
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  15. Much better! :yes:
  16. I missed you :sad:
  17. Yeah, too long..

  18. Learn2pm.
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