Where the hell is Christian???

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  1. Where the hell is Christian???

    So he was IC champion but then lost the title and since then hasent been shown on tv wow Christian really needs to get the hell out of WWE and just wrestle on the indies hes clearly being screwed by Vince. I think even TNA would welcome him back considering he was at the slammiversary PPV
  2. Kept off TV. I can't remember the official reason but he has a TNA appearance soon and it makes sense not to have him be relevant beforehand.
  3. Kept off TV. He has a appearance for TNA booked in as part of the deal that allowed Flair to appear at the hall of fame. He also has a lingering foot injury that needed some extra weeks to heal.
  4. Think it's because he's inducting Sting into their hall of fame isn't it?
  5. WWE decided to keep him off TV until BFG probably and he's asked for time off the road, so there you have it. Expect him to feud with Antonio Cesaro when he returns.
  6. If Cesaro is still the champion. :obama:
  7. Yes. Now, when is BFG again?
  8. 14th Oct. Leo.
  9. :hmm: One month then. OK.
  10. You watching it?
  11. Maybe, but I just asked because I want to know when Christian will be back.
  12. :lol1: He is doing TNA event soon, for now he is putting people over/throwing under the bus. Christian is so damn good anywhere you put him.
  13. I find this petty that WWE wont show him on tv until his appearance on TNA PPV has been done
  14. WWE isnt friends with TNA, remember? They dont want to give the extra benefit, since it will be all over online Christian will be at TNA soon. So, until then they use him as a push for others, and fake an injury. FAKE.
  15. When kristen come back he needs to have new attire!!! those long tights make him look a lot thinner!!! he needs trunks!
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