Where the hell was Brad Maddox???

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Where the hell was Brad Maddox??? he should of been on the 20th anniversary of Raw and showed that in the next 20 years he would be remembered for the impact he made on last nights show
  2. Not needed. He going nowhere.
  3. I actually didn't even realize that he wasn't on the show to be honest. I don't think Brad Maddox was on the mind of people for last nights show whereas people had Evolution/Batista, HBK, Austin, etc, on their minds.
  4. With greats like HBK, Austin, Taker, & HHH making possible appearances, you were more concerned where Maddox was? :dafuq:
  5. No zack Ryder either
  6. I didn't miss him. He was alright for a while but his gimmick got old pretty quick.
  7. Almost missed this thread, here you all go, I'm sure you were missing it:

  8. He wasn't needed during the show, and his "lose a match to get no contract" gimmick would have helped ruined the night for me since it got old. So he wasn't there, which was perfect, he wasn't needed and he wouldn't make an impact unless he was trying to grab The Rock's balls.
  9. He was blowing :vince: in the back.
  10. I've missed that :please:
  11. Yeah, what a waste of talent. I was hoping he'd come out and interrupt The Rock Concert. :downer:
  12. He was on a date with KK :JERITROLL"

    The most banged couple in WWE history :pity1:

  14. Brad Maddox winning his contract on the 20th anniversary Raw episode should of happened that moment would of been remembered for years
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