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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Not sure if this has already been posted.
  2. Was already posted but I'm not going to look for the thread, so I'll just comment here anyway. Suppose we're getting HHH burying Axel in a PPV in few months then?
  3. I think it's a good angle given his recent 'concussion' but this just makes the retirement stipulation at Wrestlemania even more pointless, when you have his family come on and try to talk him out of retiring not even two months after WM anyway.
  4. Who the fuck wants to watch Vince & Steph kayfabe try to hoax HHH into retiring? Who does this benefit? the fans, the company? Nah, just HHH's ego
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  5. So they're going to have this "ermahgerd poor Triple H and his massive concussion" crap while Dolph Ziggler's sitting at home trying to remember last week?

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  6. Who will care about this? Triple H, Hunter Hurst Helmsley and Paul Levesque of course.
  7. HHH is like what's the problem? People don't want to see me?

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  8. It's just so boring with HHH "back in the game" right now. Whilst the positive is that he has no other big names to work with, so the next guys have to be guys he can put over in some form. I don't see him being retarded enough to have another HHH/Punk situation where he unnecessarily gets a clean win over some guy who had momentum and needed more momentum. Axel got a lot of rub with the encounter with HHH, and the initial face-to-face, but the ending sort of made him look like shit. Again, you can say having a ME match did more good than bad, but really? A HHH who commentary were selling as going through a stroke dominated Axel.

    Anyway, I don't mind HHH going into feuds with younger guys and putting them over in big PPV's. I don't want HHH on RAW weekly having his shitty jokes air during some 20 minute promo + 20 minute entrance, where the crowd don't care, and nothing was achieved. Honestly, they should fill the other main event spot with Shield's domination.
  9. lol
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  10. #TeamOptimism
  11. #TeamWe'veSeenThisMovieTooManyTimesBeforeToKnowBetterThanToSpreadOurLegsAgainWhenThatFootComesAtOurBalls

    Either way if Triple H goes over, Henning will still be solidified as a mid-carder worthy of being on Raw after being stuck on Superstars duty for the past 2 years. That's some progression.
    Axel will go into another feud with a hell of a lot more momentum than he had as Mcgillicutty + with Heyman so the sky will still be the limit.

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  12. 140 characters or less dude :pity1:
  13. Hennig
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  14. Hopefully retirement home.
  15. I don't mind HHH on the show if he's in an interesting angle. Something this could end up being if it helps put Curtis Axel over.

    First off, despite the criticism of HHH's backstage politics and burying of talent, let's not act like HHH does NOTHING but squash younger talent. This ain't 2002 or 2003 when Triple H still had a lot of years left and thus still had something to gain by holding guys down who could be a threat to his spot. This is 2013 when HHH is all but retired and already more interested in the business side of things than the ring side of it. And he's made and put over stars in the past. Two of the biggest stars of the past decade - Batista and Randy Orton - got a huge boost to their career because of their association (and in Batista's case, a red hot feud) with Triple H. He helped put John Cena over huge, too. A lot of people didn't really see Cena as a top tier guy until it was Triple H who put him over. Reports say Triple H likes 'Curtis Axel' and thus the only reason I can see for doing this program is to help Curtis off to a big start.

    The way it could play out if they do it like I think they should - Triple H's hatred of Heyman (he has arguably hated Heyman just as much as Brock since last year) won't allow him to just give it up and he'll be content on taking out Axel, as a way of waking him up and perhaps getting him away from the grasp of Heyman if not anything else. It'd be nice if HHH took him a little more serious given he knows and respects who his father is. His dismissal of him on Raw could simply be because of seeing him as a Heyman stooge due to willingly associating himself with him and that slap he gave him to the face could be seen as trying to give him a wake up call. When Axel and Heyman continue to challenge HHH though, he doesn't listen to Vince/Steph to never wrestle again (at least not for a long time) and fights Axel at Payback, and his concussion flares up again, only this time Axel inflicts further damage while he's fainting and does all this while Heyman laughs maniacally. HHH is wheeled off or something after Axel does quite the number on him, and that's the last we see of him for a long time. Meanwhile, Axel and Heyman absorb all the credit for finally putting HHH out for good, finishing what Brock started at Extreme Rules.
  16. What has HHH done since becoming a part timer on the business side of things that is different? Is he putting over young talent at Mania? No, he is jobbing to Taker while burying the roster talking about how they aren't cut from the same cloth that he and Taker were. Or he's single handedly destroying the momentum of the Summer of Punk. or putting on snoozefest matches hogging main event spotlight with fellow part timer Lesnar.

    Nothing he has done up to this point should lead anyone to believe that HHH is ready to start putting young guys over. Nothing.
  17. You could make the same claim back in the day in '02 and '03 after HHH got done 'burying' Jericho, RVD, Kane, Booker T. and even Goldberg to an extent, but he still ended up putting over Batista huge in 2005. He was workout buddies with Batista but as I mentioned, with Curtis being a 3rd generation star (like Rock and Orton) and with HHH supposedly liking him and just coming off a feud where he looked equal-to-slightly-superior to Lesnar, I can believe he won't be winning or at least burying Curtis right out of the gate. The CM Punk thing was silly, but then that whole ending was an overbooked mess anyway.

    I loved "End Of An Era" and I had no issue with it as there wasn't a better opponent for Taker and just throwing a random new guy in there with him would have been boring and there'd be no interest in it. Sometimes, people should just tone down the smarkiness and just enjoy something for what it is.

    I did hate HHH/Lesnar this year and actually had the idea of The Shield targeting HHH as their big victim going into Wrestlemania season and HHH teams with Orton and Sheamus (two guys he has history with on both sides of the fence) to take on The Shield while Punk fights Cena and Rock in a triple threat and Taker battles Lesnar, but meh. They try and stack as many big time matches as possible to give Wrestlemania the biggest feeling possible these days so they went with this rematch. I still hated HHH going over but a lot of that was Vince's ego in jobbing Lesnar out to his WWE superstars (as a way of saying WWE>UFC) as much as it was HHH's.
  18. It seems as though I've angered you. This cheer you up any?

    Video kinda relevant because I can't remember a time since then where a big star from the past put over a young talent in such a big way. Maybe when Evolution split?
    Yeah there was Sting vs AJ Styles at BFG 2009 but that was rendered meaningless almost immediately, ironically because of Hogan and Bischoff.

    It's not about Triple H's ego as much as it's typical part-timer booking.
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  19. :true:

    Where's Matt Striker when you need him.
  20. His children? This sounds God awful.
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